Why Is My Beard So Wiry? Quick Ways To Fix It

why my beard is wiry

Well, you have a wiry beard, right! Worry not; I’ll help you to tame your beard to achieve a soft and shiny look! But before that, Do you know why your beard is wiry!

Your beard is wiry because you don’t groom your beard properly. As follows, your beard lacks proper moisture and becomes dry, coarse, and wiry.

It is one possible reason meanwhile there are others too!

So, without further ado, let’s check!

5 reasons behind Wiry Beard

1. You won’t groom your beard properly

Most people suffer from coarse and wiry beard in common is because they don’t take care of their beard properly. They just grew it.

How can any beards become good without taking care of it?

For it to be in better shape, you undoubtedly need to groom it. Here is how you can do it!

  • Cleanse your beard regularly.

One of the primary reasons behind your beard looking coarse, dirty, and wiry is because you don’t cleanse it at regular intervals.

You eat different foods, and while eating, some might stick to it. Not only food, but even dust also gets trapped in it. One study shows that beards contain more harmful bacteria than a dog’s fur.

If you don’t cleanse it at a regular interval, it definitely causes harm to your beard and skin. It might clog up the pores.

While pores are clogged up, essential oils needed to your beard can’t reach up to it. As a result, it can dry out your beard. Additionally, it can also cause acne.

Thus, I suggest you wash your beard once a day. If it is not possible, don’t miss to wash it out once a week.

While washing, don’t use normal soap and shampoo, but I suggest you use a beard wash.

  • Apply Beard Products

You also need to apply beard products daily, whether is it beard balm or oil or moisturizer, depending upon the tone of your skin and thickness of your beard.

Applying these products helps to moisturize your beard and, on top of that, provides necessary nutrients to keep your beard healthy and shiny.

If you have a short and thin beard and wanted a soft hold, I recommend you use beard oil. Similarly, if you have a medium and thick beard, I recommend you use beard balm. It gives a strong hold and tames your beard.

  • Comb Your Beard

Not only is applying beard products is enough. You must also comb your beard. Combing your beard right after applying beard products helps to distribute the products all across your beard. Furthermore, it straightens your beard and helps you in styling it.

Meanwhile, you can’t comb your beard with any combs, but I suggest you use wooden combs. You can check out our previous article about why a wooden comb is better!

2. Due to the use of hard water

Believe me, water also has a huge impact on your hair especially hard water. It contains a high concentration of manganese and calcium.

Thus, when it is mixed with beard products, it forms a salt. A residue left on your face blocks the pores, not allowing it to absorb moisture. As a result, it causes dry and coarse hair.

Moreover, It is difficult to rinse shampoo with hard water. As follows, it remains in your beard for a longer time. When it stays at your beard for longer, it causes your beard to be coarse.

3. Climatic situation

A cold climate also has a severe impact on your facial hair. It typically dries moisture from your beard and skin that leads your beard to be itchy along with split ends. As a result, it causes wiry and dry beard.

Not only it degrades the health of your beard but also decreases the growth of it.

Research shows that beard growth elevated in summer and falls down in winter.

To prevent the impact of weather, you will need to moisturize your beard regularly. I suggest you apply these moisturizers.

4. Due to split End

Splits end also causes your beard to look wiry. The causes of split ends are

  • Dryness
  • Overexposure to sun
  • Use of too much heat
  • Use of unsharpened blade.

If you can avoid all these things, you can prevent split end and rough beard.

5. Due to improper lifestyle

For having healthy facial hair, you need to intake foods that contain essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Intaking of these nutrients enriched foods helps to stimulate beard growth and also helps to keep it in the perfect shape.

In addition, with eating healthy food, you also need to drink enough water. If you are hydrated, your beard will grow softer and shinier.

How to overcome it?

1. Let it grow

Everybody wants their beard to be soft and shiny. I do as well want my beard to be like it. But unfortunately, I can’t have it because I have got a straight and hard beard.

No matter what product I should use, it remains the same.

Thus, I’ve to live it with.

Similarly, if you have a wiry beard because of a gene, you can’t soften it.

I’m not demotivating you, but its the fact.

2. Prevent Dryness

If you really want your beard to be soft and shiny, you must prevent it from dryness. For so,

  • Don’t use high heat while using a hairdryer

If you can, I suggest you don’t use a hairdryer. Rather than using a hairdryer, you dry your beard naturally using a towel.

If it is not possible, use a hairdryer with a low heat setting.

  • Don’t use harsh products.

While washing your beard, don’t use hair shampoo. Not only just shampoo, don’t use any hair product in your beard because they are designed for scalp. Using these products can cause irritation.

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Moreover, it dries natural oil, causing your beard to remain dry and brittle.

  • Use beard conditioner

I suggest you use a beard conditioner if your beard is severely dry.  It not only keeps your beard moisturized but also hydrates your skin beneath your beard. It provides your beard a fuller look.

3. You need to take care of your skin beneath your beard as well

If you think that conditioning beard is the only solution for a wiry and dry beard, then you are totally wrong. You also need to maintain the skin beneath your beard as well.

You timely need to moisturize it and keeps it hydrated. Because if your skin becomes dry, it causes flaky skin, beard dandruff, and itchiness.

It not only impacts your skin but also adversely affects your beard.

Thus, to keep your skin moisturized, you first need to wash it and additionally apply lotion or moisturizers beneath it.

4. Trim it regularly

You also need to trim your beard regularly. It not only provides a good look but also prevents dry and rough beard.

When your beard grows longer, there is a possibility of having split ends and it needs to be trimmed.

You can either trim it by yourself or go to the barber.

I suggest you learn to trim your beard by yourself because it is expensive to go to the barber every once a while, right.

While trimming, you need to choose sharp blades because it is quite possible to have split ends more quickly while trimming with unsharpened blades.

If you are not confident enough to trim your beard firstly, I suggest you first start trimming it with an electric razor because it eases your job. And handling it is quite easier.

Home Remedies For Softening Your Beard

The best home remedies for softening your beard is food. Not all foods work great, but those foods that contain a good amount of vitamins and proteins are worth it.

I suggest you intake foods that contain vitamin B because it is rich in biotin that is really needed to keep your beard healthy.

Additionally, foods containing vitamin A and Vitam E are equally worthy for your beard.

Over here, I will mention some good foods for the beard!

  • Avocado
  • Egg
  • Walnut
  • Soybeans
  • Fish
  • Carrot
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin Seed &
  • Water


The main reasons behind the wiry beard are:

  • Not taking good care of your beard &
  • Not applying good beard products

If you give a few hours in a week to grom your beard, it will undoubtedly grow well.

However, taking good care of your beard isn’t only enough; you also need to maintain your diet. You need to ingest foods that contain biotin, Vitamin A, E, and proteins. And above all, you need to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. It will definitely impact you to have a soft, thick, and shiny beard.

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