Beard Oil For Head Hair (Is it ok?) – Where Else Can You Use It?

can you use beard oil on head hair

If you desperately want to have a stupendous beard, beard oil is a must! Despite everything, can you typically use the same beard oil in your hair to retain such looks? In search of it, I experimented with it within my hair.

Beard oil goes pretty well in my hair. It undoubtedly exhibits some side effects, but it softens my hair and on top gives a natural shine to it. Therefore, I can assuredly say you can use beard oil in your hair.

However, don’t expect that you will get an astounding result by instantly applying beard oil.

can i use beard oil on my eyebrows

For so to understand, you need to recognize the difference between beard oil and hair oil.

Difference between beard oil and Hair oil

I observe no such colossal difference between beard oil and hair oil. One common difference I invariably perceived between these two is that beard oil uses light oil, whereas hair oil uses thick carrier oil.

Beard oil uses oils like Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil…On the other side, hair oil uses carrier oils like coconut oil and castor oil.

While applying beard oil in my hair, I see few to none problem at all.

Some problems I’ve encountered while applying beard oil in my hair are.

  • Itchiness

I don’t know why I feel itchiness, but I think I was allergic to it. Ingredients of beard oil aren’t suitable for my scalp.

If I am allergic to it doesn’t mean that you will also be allergic to it. You can examine it out by testing it on your scalp. Do let us know how it works on your scalp.

  • Dandruff

Beard oil normally doesn’t increase beard dandruff because it is formulated with light oils. Whatsoever, I see a few increments of dandruff in my scalp.

These are quite an ordinary problem.

The significant problem arises when you use hair oil in your beard.

They are being formulated for the thick scalp. While using it in your face, it makes your face oily resulting in causing acne. Additionally, it can result in beard dandruff as well.

Thus, I suggest you not to use hair oil in your beard.

I will recommend using it only if its ingredients are light.

Now let’s check

Difference between beard & head hair.

Facial hair & head hair is completely different.

Beard appears in men after completing the adolescence stage.

Before that, they have short, soft, and less noticeable hair called vellus hair.

After attaining puberty, it develops into terminal hair that will likely be thick, dark, and coarse. It is due to the increment in the level of androgenic hormone.

Androgenic hair can grow up to 3mm in a single day and will stop completely for 3-4 months. In contrast to it, head hair grows constantly. It’s one of the considerable differences between head and facial hair.

Some other differences are:

Beard Head Hair
Facial hair is thicker Head hair is relatively thinner
Beard curls They grow straight

From this difference, you can analyze the impact of beard oil on your head hair!


What are the advantages of using it in your hair?

  • Softer & silky hair

One thing I’ve realized after exerting beard oil in my hair is softer and silky hair. My hair turned softer and silkier than ever before.

  • Keep my hair hydrated

It nourished my hair and kept my hair hydrated for a long time, which doesn’t happen often.

  • Less beard oil is enough for head hair.

I have a dense and thick beard, and I usually apply 6 drops of beard oil in my facial hair. While applying the same amount of oil in my head hair, I got a greasy scalp.

Meanwhile, I dropped it to 2 drops. After applying just 2 drops of beard oil, I obtained an exceptional result.

My hair was totally flawless.

Why shouldn’t you use beard oil in your hair?

  • Expensive

I often apply premium beard oil in my beard. I will say it’s a waste of money exerting beard oil in hair.

I have a few reasons for it.

Hair and beard oil gives the same result, so why you need to expense in an expensive one!

Another reason is that a bottle of hair oil lasts longer than beard oil. So, why need to expense in an expensive oil that finishes faster!

  • You can’t always expect a good result. 

Why need to take the risk of using oil that isn’t sure of yielding good results?

You can’t always expect good results by using beard oil in hair. In my case, I suffered from itchiness and dandruff.

Where else can you use beard oil

You can use beard oil in:

  • Eyebrows
  • Alopecia
  • Afro hair
  • Bald spot
  • Coarse hair
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Itchy beard

If you are interested in best beard oil, check it out here!


Beard oil can be used on hair, but on the flip side, I don’t recommend you use hair oil on your beard because the impact of hair oil on your beard is more. It can cause acne & at the same can cause beardruff. If you want to try it, I suggest you use hair oil that contains light constituents like jojoba oil & argan oil.

Identically, if you are using beard oil in your hair, look at its impact on your hair. If it produces exceptional results, it’s worth to try it. Otherwise, I won’t suggest it either because you can get the same or better result with hair oil.

I hope you like this post. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment us!



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