Wooden Comb Vs Plastic Comb

wooden comb vs plastic comb

Who doesn’t want to have long and silky hair? It’s only possible if you take care of your hair correctly. You need to be aware of the chemical products applying to your hair. Additionally, you also need to know about the Comb. A comb! I know, it seems a bit intriguing but also makes a huge difference for making your hair look good. Thus, in this post, we will be discussing combs.

Wooden Comb vs. Plastic Comb – One of the significant differences between the plastic Comb and wooden Comb is a static charge. The plastic Comb has a positive electric charge while your hair has a negative electrical charge. Thus, while you comb your hair – it attracts your hair causing static charge. These charges dry out your hair, making it brittle. However, the wooden Comb generates no charge and is beneficial to your hair.

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So, let’s discuss in detail about the wooden and plastic Comb. For knowing in detail about it, we need to know about the pros and cons of wood and plastic Comb

Pros and Cons of Wooden Comb Vs Plastic Comb


While combing hair, do you like the harsh effect on your scalp? Of course not, right! You like the smooth and gentle feel. It is only possible by using a wooden comb because the fibers in the wooden Comb are made with such care. While gliding it, you will feel it.

On the other hand, a plastic comb won’t let you feel the smoothness like that of a wooden comb. It might sometimes bruise the scalp. So, while using a plastic comb, you need to comb your hair with care.

Static charge

While comparing wooden and plastic Comb – the static charge makes a vast difference between them because the effect of static charge in hair is enormous.

It dries out your hair and makes it brittle, which is a downside of it.

Static charge is produced by plastic combs. So, if you want to get rid of these charges – I must suggest you use the wooden Comb. A wooden comb is free from static charges.


If you are an environment-friendly person, you would definitely like a wooden comb. These combs are easily degradable and are suitable for the environment.

Meanwhile, plastics aren’t! They aren’t easily degraded. However, you can recycle it, but it’s a lengthy process, right!

Distribute oil

Your scalp produces different oil, and sometimes your scalp might get greasy because the oil produced isn’t properly distributed.

To overcome greasy scalp, you can glide wooden Comb, which will distribute oil all across your hair that makes your scalp oil-free.

Last longer

The wooden Comb lasts longer than a plastic comb. Wooden Comb might last for a lifetime. It won’t be the case for a plastic comb and will deteriorate quickly.


Your scalp produces different oils that must be stimulated in preventing dryness. Because the cause of dandruff is dryness.

And to overcome it, you can use a wooden comb.

Wooden Comb contributes to stimulating oils that overcome dry scalp.


Your scalp contains different acupressure points, and combing it with a wooden comb provides a massaging effect. It maintains blood flow and distributes oil all across your hair, making your hair look shiny.


Wooden Combs are made from a natural material that causes less or no allergy at all. However, while using plastic combs, you might suffer from allergies. Thus, you must need to take certain precautions before using it.

Good for blood circulation

Wooden combs are made from carbon, which massages your scalp in a complementary way with no bruises. It distributes oil all across your hair length and increases blood circulation. Meanwhile, it isn’t possible with plastic combs.

Conditions Your Hair

While combing hair with a wooden comb, the oil gets distributed all across the hair shaft and down to its roots. It makes a visible effect on your hair.

Reduces Hair Loss

The plastic Comb has pointed end and close teeth that pull your hair and sometimes break it. However, the wooden Comb has a wide end and helps to comb your hair smoothly.

You will definitely feel hair fall while using plastic Comb – just experiment with it!

Some FAQ

Are wooden combs better than plastic?

Wooden combs are way better than plastic. If you are buying a comb right now, I suggest you buy a wooden comb.

Is plastic Comb good for hair?

The downside of the plastic comb is a static charge. A static charge not only degrades your hair but makes it brittle. Thus, a plastic comb is bad for hair

Which Wooden Comb is best for hair?

Two wooden combs are best for your hair

  • Sandalwood wooden Comb – The best feature of this Comb is to detangle the hair.
  • Carbonized wooden paddle brush – It has a carbonized brush which is quite expensive but worth to try it.



Finally, I need to say that a wooden comb is better than a plastic comb because of the features we mentioned above. A wooden comb is a bit expensive, but the way how it helps to grow healthy hair is imposing.

A wooden comb is not good only for hair but also for the beard. It straightens your beard, providing the sleekest look.

Yet plastic Comb is cheap, but it has more downside. The static energy, non-environment-friendly, closed teeth – all these cause your hair to be dry, brittle, and finally, the hair fall.

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