Why Do I Always Touch My Beard – How Can I Stop It?

I always play around with my beard. Unconsciously my hand goes towards my beard and stroke it and sometimes end up with picking my beard as well. Thus, to stop touching, picking and playing with my beard, I researched some articles and here is what I have discovered!

Especially when your hand becomes free, it will touch your beard. It is ok unless you stroke it but the problem arises when you play around with single hair and unintentionally pluck it. If you pluck it regularly at the same spot, you will go bald. To stop touching or pulling your beard, you need to be aware of the movement of your hand.

A study shows that In a single day a normal person touches his beard for about 720 times

Thus, it is irresistible to touch your beard, but you can stop this habit of pulling your beard.

Without further ado, let’s first check!

Stroking vs picking beard!

Before starting, I will first let you know the significant difference between stroking and picking beard.

Stroking means touching your whole beard and feeling its fluffiness. Picking means playing with single hair and while playing, you pluck it out.

Stroking is good but doing it several times is terrible. Whereas I strictly suggest you not to pick your beard.

When will you more often touch your beard

  • When you are thinking

Mostly I  touch my beard when I am thinking.  And mostly I play around with my chin beard.

I think most people who have a beard, touches their beard as well while thinking.

Perhaps, there is no exact reason why people touch their beard while thinking. It is an unconscious event. They don’t touch it intentionally.

  • When you are sitting on the computer

I like to touch my beard when I am working on my computer as well. Furthermore, I also touch it when I watch TV and the frequency increases while watching TV.

  • When you are driving

Believe me or not, I also touch my beard while driving a car. One hand of mine will be at the steering, and another hand will be stroking my beard.

Rather than touching your beard, I recommend you to Comb it. Because it will stop the habit of picking up your beard. Additionally, it will provide multiple benefits like

  • Promotes beard growth
  • Distribute beard product all across your beard
  • Straightened your beard
  • Exfoliates your skin
  • Provides a gentle massage to your beard.

Why People touch their beard?

Because they are bored!

When people get bored, and they don’t find the interesting stuff to do, they often stroke their beard. In the case of mine, it is also the same.

When I listen to the lectures and don’t find the lecturers talk interesting, I stroke my beard.

To look Cool!

Some people also stroke their beard to look cool. It will happen, especially when a cute girl is sitting next to you.

They touch it, unconsciously!

Have you recognized, while watching tv, your hand unconsciously goes towards your beard, and you will start playing with it. You won’t do it intentionally, right! There is more research needed to be done on this fact!

How can you reduce the habit of touching

Be aware – Am I picking it or stroking it?

Firstly, you will need to be aware of whether you are stroking your hair or picking it. If you are stroking, it is alright. However, if you are going to pick it up, take your hands down immediately.

Stick your hand under your legs

Whenever you feel like to touch your beard, stick your hands under your leg, or you can also cross your hand and tuck it. It gives sense to your brain that it is not fair to touch your beard.

Downsides of touching

If you touch your beard just for one time, it won’t create any problem. The problem arises when you touch it regularly in a certain interval. 

Even when you are touching, your hand must be sanitized because if you touch your beard with oily hand, it can cause acne.

Similarly, while stroking regularly, it will push your hair down simultaneously, making it flat. Moreover, while you squeeze it, it makes your beard look thinner.

Additionally, other than touching and stroking your beard, if you pick it up, it will create a bald spot. It really looks awful with a bald spot in your beard. Isn’t it?

Thus, in order to fulfil that spot, you wholly need to shave your entire beard.

For more information, what will happen if you pluck your beard, check out our previous article here!


If you are touching your beard, it is not a big deal! The problem arises

  • When you make a habit of it and started touching it regularly
  • When you pick your hair in the same spot because it can cause baldness

To get rid of touching your beard, I will suggest:

  • Be aware of our hand &
  • Cross your hand and tuck it, if you going to touch your beard

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