What is Beard Cowlick(5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of It)?

beard cowlick

Do you have a whorl in your beard? If you have, it is typically called a beard cowlick. It normally appears on one side but also possibly occurs on both sides. It looks weird but additionally provides a unique touch to your beard.

Beard cowlick is typically an intense spiral that occurs due to the growth direction of beard follicles. In simple words, if you have a spiral direction of beard follicles, your beard will have swirling growth.

You can see the different patterns of your beard growth, mainly when you have a stubble beard. You can clearly visualize the shooting of your stubble hair in all different direction. It may grow upward, downward, or in the whirling direction.

In whatever direction your beard grows, you can’t pull it out and patch it in the right direction. There are some ways to fix it.

Without further ado, let’s check how to get rid of it!

How to get rid of Beard Cowlick?

Grow your beard out – Length is the key.

The best way to get rid of this beard pattern is to grow your beard out. After growing your beard for a certain length, the weight of your hair pulls down your hair, and it will completely be masked.

However, even if you grow your hair long, it grows in a spiral fashion.

To get rid of it completely, you will need to comb it.

The defacto of this point is that it isn’t a permanent solution. Because once you wash your hair, it will remain the same as it was before.

Don’t Wash your hair often.

Thus to keep your hair straightened for a long time, I recommend you to not wash your hair often. Not only it eliminates the shape of your hair, but it also dissipates the natural oil from your hair.

When you wash your hair regularly, it will become dry and unruly. Thus, I recommend you wash it twice a week or every alternate day.

I also suggest using a beard wash or beard soap for washing your beard.

Note: Don’t use normal soap or shampoo for conditioning your beard!

Tame your beard

You will also need to tame your beard regularly. For taming, you can try different taming products like beard oil, beard balm, beard moisturizer, and beard butter. But I recommend you to use a beard balm.

It works great for medium length beard and provides great hold. As a result, it will not only pull your hair downward but also provides glow to your beard.

The effect of beard balm also lasts longer. Due to it, your hair will be in perfect shape for a long time.

Bristle brush for unruly beard

If you are finding it difficult to straighten your whirling beard, I suggest you comb it with a boar bristle brush.  Using a boar bristle brush not only straightens your beard but also provides you with multiple benefits like:

  • It spreads taming products all across your beard, providing a shiny and healthy beard.
  • The bristles are so gentle such that it provides you with a subtle massage to your face.
  • Additionally, it exfoliates your skin.
  • Not any static charge is created while combing. So, you won’t need to worry about your hair being frizzy.
  • Not only it straightens and provides shine to your beard – but it also promotes beard growth.

With these pre-packed benefits, I again suggest you use this kind of brush. You can check it out our check beard brush in Amazon.

Hairdryer – Blow the hair into the direction you want

You can also blow your facial hair using a hairdryer to get the style you envy. Once you grow your beard to its mean length, the spiral beard gets masked. Despite it being masked, there will always be swirling texture.

To get rid of it, you need to wash your beard and will need to blow it with a hairdryer. If your beard in an upward direction, I suggest you blow it gently with low heat from upwards. Doing so blows your hair in a downward direction.

Additionally, applying a few beard balm and combing it with the best beard brush provides you with a genuine look.

Find the perfect beard style for your beard cowlick.

Many celebrities have this beard style, and they envy it. The only downside of this style is that you can’t style your desired beard style. Because with this style, beards always go upward with some lift to the hair.

However, if you maintain it and trim it well, it provides you with a great look.

These are the ways you can get rid of beard cowlicks.

Are cowlicks genetic?

Cowlicks are basically genetics, but it is also the result of confusing hair growth. When hair gets confused to grow forward or backwards – it creates a whirling pattern. Those whorls are both clockwise and counterclockwise.

To find out the relation between gene with these whorls, Amar Klar’s researched and found that.

50% of the lefties have a counterclockwise whorls pattern.

Thus he proved that there is a relation in between gene and hand preference in having different swirling hair patterns.

Does it get worse with age?

It might get worsen or may also disappear with age. It has found that the person who has these beard pattern at a young age disappears along they age. Similarly, the person who has only one cowlick added another cowlick with growing age. Some also dissipate as they age in a similar fashion.

Are cowlicks attractive?

They are unique and cool because not everyone had it. However, if you have it, you can’t have your desired beard styles. In order to have your own beard styles, you will need to grow your beard a bit longer and will need to tame and brush it to provide shape to it.

How Many Cowlicks a person have?

Genuinely, a person has 1-2 cowlick. If there is only one cowlick, it doesn’t look lovely. But if you have cowlicks on your both side of your face, it will look cool.

This is my personal view. You may look cool even with a single cowlick as well.


Beard cowlick is a whirling pattern of your beard.

It grows in that pattern

  • Because Of Genetics &
  • Because of your beard gets confused in the direction of its growth

It is more visible when you have a stubble beard.

If you want to get rid of it:

  • You will need to grow your beard longer
  • You will need to tame it
  • You can also blow dry your hair with a blow dryer.

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