Why Beard Grows Faster On One Side – Quick Ways To Deal With It

Beard doesn’t grow symmetrical. One side of your beard always grows faster than the other. Not only beards, but even our body parts aren’t symmetrical. One eye may be a bit lower than the other. Even head hair is asymmetrical.  However, these asymmetries can’t be perceived easily. You will need to watch it out carefully.

It’s quite normal. You don’t need to worry about it. But Do you know why beards grow faster on one side than the others?

The main reason behind beard-growing faster on one side is due to healthy hair follicles and active blood circulation. Additionally, other factors that affect hair growth are sunlight, diet, exercise, and the use of beard products.

Now, without further ado, let’s check why you have asymmetrical beard growth.

Why Beard Grows Faster On One side?

Hair follicles

Hair follicles are the main reason behind hair growing faster or slower – thicker or thinner. There are, in fact, three essential things you need to know about hair follicles:

  • Hair follicles health

Suppose one side of your face has unhealthy hair follicles; meanwhile, another side has healthy follicles; you will perceive a reasonable growth rate at the healthy side.

Healthy hair follicles determine the healthy growth of your hair. Not only it grows healthier, but it also grows speedy with a shinier and neat look

Meanwhile, not taking care of your beard makes your follicle unhealthy. As a result, you will notice the impact of the weak beard growth rate.

  • Number of hair follicles

As you know, we have an asymmetrical body. It also applies to hair follicles as well. You may have a larger number of hair follicles at your right or left side of your face.

When you have a higher number of hair follicles at your right, you will see faster growth of your hair at right.

Similarly, if you have a higher number of hair follicles at your left, you will see faster growth of your hair at left.

  • Blood circulation to follicles

How active is your blood circulation also determines the growth of your hair.

Blood carries essential nutrients, oxygen, and other ingredients necessary for promoting hair growth.

If one side of the face has good blood circulation than the others, the follicles of that side will get enough oxygen and nutrients for the growth. As a result, hair growth speeds up at that side rather than on the other side.


Genetics also causes your hair to grow in asymmetrical order. If your brother or father is complaining about the beard-growing faster at one side, there is a high possibility that you will inherit the same kind of gene.

How you sleep

How you sleep also impacts facial hair growth.

While sleeping, blood vessels will be compressed, and blood can’t flow towards the hair follicle. Thus, if you sleep simultaneously on the same side, there is a high possibility that you will observe weak facial hair growth.

Thus, I suggest you sleep from both sides of your face.

Hand preference

It also depends upon whether you are left or right-handed. If you are right-handed, you will use more of your right hand frequently and vice versa.

Any hand you use more frequently has good blood circulation, and the beard growth will also be better at that side.

However, there is no scientific proof of the relation between hand and beard growth.

Injury  Mark

If you had an injury in your face, it could also impact hair growth. But to impact hair growth, those injuries must damage the follicles. Unless your follicles are damaged, you won’t have any problem with growing your hair.

Sunlight Radiation

Sunlight radiation also weakens beard growth. Normally, these radiations damage hair follicles.

When your face(only one side of your face) that comes in direct contact with sunlight has a weak beard growth rate.

Thus, the only preventive measure to prevent radiation is to protect your face from sunlight. If it is not possible, I will recommend you to use sunscreen.

Picking Your hair at one side

If you regularly pick your hair at just one side, it will also weaken your beard growth. Not only picking your hair but also some other habits like nervousness, boredom impacts your beard growth rate as well.

How To Deal With It?

The counteract to deal with hair growing at just one side are:

Have patience and let it grow

First, I recommend you to have patience. Because at a young age, hair growth will always be slower. After you cross a certain age, it will speed up.

However, even after that age, if you see the uneven growth, I suggest you grow your beard a bit longer. After having a medium length beard, trim it in even length.

Use Minoxidil and Dermaroller together.

You can additionally use minoxidil and derma roller together. They both work great in combination.

Dermaroller increases blood circulation and also helps in collagen production. As a result, it stimulates beard growth.

Minoxidil widens the blood vessel. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the follicles resulting to cause healthy beard growth.

Use Beard products like beard oil and beard balm.

You also need to use beard products like beard oil, beard moisturizer, and beard balm to keep your beard hydrated. Not only it hydrates your beard, but it also promotes beard growth and provides shine to your beard.

Trim your hair in even length

If you are dealing with asymmetrical beard growth – growing beards for a certain length and trimming it in even length is the prior solution.

Do exercise daily

Exercise increases testosterone and helps in promoting beard growth. Thus, you will need to exercise daily.

Consume proper Diets

You can consume foods like chicken, liver, avocados, whole grain…These foods are good for the healthy growth of your beard.


The main reason behind hair growing at one side are:

  • Hair follicles( It’s health and numbers )
  • How good your blood circulation is at the follicles
  • Genetics
  • The way you sleep
  • Injury mark &
  • Sunlight radiation

If you want to grow your hair on both sides, here are the quick ways to deal with it:

  • Have patience
  • Grow your beard and trim it in even length
  • Use taming products
  • Use derma roller and minoxidil

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