What Countries Don’t Shave Their Armpits?

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Armpit hair looks gross. But still, some people grow armpit hair.

What country doesn’t shave their armpits?

Most men from countries like UK, Spain, Netherland, Ireland, France don’t shave their armpits. Other countries like Romania, Greece, Finland, Portuguese do shave. Talking about women, french women don’t shave their armpits.

But not all French women keep their armpit hair. According to a 2006 study, 73% of women shaved their armpits.

It is a myth French women don’t shave their armpits. During the 40s, when there was a scarcity of soap, they need to use local products like ashes and fat. When razors weren’t available, they keep their armpit hair grow long.

Reasons To Not Shave Armpits

Some culture doesn’t allow to shave armpits

Some culture doesn’t allow to shave armpits.

In China, according to the Telegraph, “Armpit or leg hair was just part of body and nothing to be ashamed about.

In Judaism, Talmud restricts men from shaving body hair because it is regarded as feminism.

In Hinduism, you are allowed to shave it, but it is prohibited to shave on Thursday.

Some religion prohibits shaving armpits.

People are religiously bounded not to shave. Sikhs, either men or women, aren’t allowed to shave.

Guru wants us to stay as God made us.

They honor their hair as God’s greatest gift.

They grow underarm hair as a Social experiment.

Some people want to experiment with their armpit hair. They actually want to see how they look with it.  They want to experiment, What people will say about it.

They consider it as a feminine factor.

Armpit hair feels women more empowered in their feminity! They want to go against the norm. It gives them confidence.

Previously, underarm hair is seen as unfeminine. But, the recent armpit hair movement is gaining traction. Many celebrities, from Madonna to Miley Cyrus, are growing armpit hair.

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Benefits of Not shaving armpits

Shaving is itchy, may bleed, and cause stubble hair

Shaving is troublesome! Shaving can cause nicks and cuts. Post shaving is also bad. Stubble hair can be itchy, and on top ingrown hair can cause pain.

Evolution of Armpit Hair

Our ancestor is hairy. According to this research, hair retains heat in a cold climate and keeps out the heat in a hot environment. It works as a skin repellant and protects the body from UV rays.

Humans, when moved from scorching hot temperatures to cool savannah, the body developed thermoregulation, losing most furs from the body except eyebrows, armpits, and pubic area. It helps to hunt during the day in hot grassland without overheating.

More Armpit Hair More Pheromone

The armpit releases an odor that contains a pheromone that attracts the opposite sex. Armpit hair traps odor – since moisture attaches to hair makes the pheromone even stronger.

According to this research, human scent works as a stress reliever.

Is it bad/unhygienic not to shave your armpits?

It is normal not to shave your armpits. It prevents skin irritation, razor burn, ingrown hair, and skin darkening.

It is unhygienic not to shave your armpits only if you don’t wash them properly.

  • Hair holds onto moisture. That is why once the sweating occurs, the hair remains moist, which leads to even more problems like a fungal infection.
  • Hair can retain moisture. Once that happens, it can result in odor as well.

Thus, I suggest, if you want to grow underarm hair, wash it daily.

Why do guys not shave their armpits?

In the survey of 4044 men by MensHealth, they found 68% of men trimmed their armpit,  52% shaved for aesthetics, 16% shaved for an athletic reason. While 1 out of 10 guys never trimmed their armpit.

Men don’t shave their armpit because of Gender Norm. They are easily accepted by society whether they shave it or not. Men’s armpit hair is nested in our minds because they are living with it for a long.

Why do some females not shave their armpits?

Some females don’t shave their armpits because

  • Their religion doesn’t allow them to shave. In Sikhs, hair is the god’s gift. While Armpit hair is not a big deal. It can be hidden. Even if they have facial hair, they can’t shave it.
  • They want to go against the normal thing. They want to change the meaning of feminine.
  • Armpit hair empowers them to have confidence.

Why do hippies not shave their armpits?

Hippies believe in the spirit and free-thinking. They believe hair is the tentacle of free-thinking. If they shave it, they cut the growth of free-thinking and spirit. Therefore, they keep it grow without shaving.

Celebrities who don’t shave their armpits

After the armpit hair movement, many celebrities started growing their armpit hair.



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Most Women in France don’t shave their armpits during the 40s. It is rare now. Almost every woman shave their armpits. There are still countries(China, India, Nepal, Ireland) where men and women don’t shave their armpits.

Some people don’t shave their armpits because of religion, while some don’t shave them to change the feminine factor.

Whatever the reason, if you are growing underarm hair, you need to wash it properly every day!

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