Is It Bad To Epilate Your Arms?

Everyone sheds unwanted hair. But not much talks about it. It is like a taboo. What about epilating arms? Is it bad to epilate your arms?

Epilating arms is not bad at all. It plucks your hair from the follicles thus takes time for it to regrow back. Therefore, It is long-lasting, and on top, you will have a clean and smooth forearm.

Frankly speaking, I used to shave my arms beforehand, epilating it. After epilating, I am in love with it.

Here in this post, I will share everything you need to know about epilating your arms!

Why Is It Not Bad To Epilate Your Arms?

Epilator has rotating disc-like tweezers. When you glide it over your forearms, it grasps the hair and pulls it out. It is straightforward. Moreover

#1. Long-lasting

While epilating, it completely pulls your hair from the follicles. Thus, it takes time to regrow. Typically, it lasts for about two weeks, but if the hair growth rate is faster, it lasts for about a week.

#2. Smooth skin

Epilator doesn’t cut your skin. It just grabs your hair and pulls it out. Afterwards epilating, you will have smooth and hair-free skin.

#3. No ingrown hair

There is less possibility of having ingrown hair while epilating your hair with best epilators. However, if you don’t take proper precautions, you could end up with ingrown hair.

I will discuss precautions in the later part.

#4. Epilating Vs Shaving

While shaving, you will often cut your skin. Not only you will cut your skin, but you will also suffer from razor burns and bumps.

Meanwhile, if you epilate your hair, you will neither suffer from cuts nor razor bumps. But you may see redness if you have sensitive skin.

#5. Epilating Vs Waxing

Although waxing and epilating remove hair from the follicles – epilating is straightforward. You neither need to be prepared nor you need to apply any chemicals. You just glide it onto your skin. Afterwards, you will have clean skin.

On the other hand, waxing needs chemicals to remove hair. Thus, it can cause allergies to your skin.

Tips Before Epilating your Arms

#1. Take a hot bath before epilation

Taking a hot bath exfoliates your skin. It softens your hair and makes your epilation less painful.

#2. Scrub your arms 

Don’t forget to scrub your arms! It unclogs the pores and removes dead skin cell.

#3. Epilate in the Evening

I often prefer to epilate my arms in the evening. The advantage is that my arms will be safe from the sun.

It is more critical for your armpits and bikini line to epilate in the evening where you don’t have to wear tight clothes. Due to it, you won’t feel uncomfortable, and pores can breathe easily.

#4. Pull the skin as tight 

While epilating, you pull the skin as tight as possible. Due to it, epilators plucks hair quickly and will be less painful.

#5. Squeeze the hair with squeezer if there is an ingrown hair

If you find an ingrown hair in your arms, rather than pulling it with epilators, squeeze the hair with the squeezer. It is more safe and straightforward.

#6. Covering it with moisturizers

Finally, after removing all your hair, mask your skin with moisturizers or aloe vera. It will soften and soothes your skin.

#7. Replace your epilator often 

You will need to replace your epilator often because when it gets old, it makes your hair plucking painful.

You can replace the head, or will need to buy the whole body!

#8.  Wait until three weeks before hair grows longer.

Epilating lasts for about two weeks. So, you wait until three weeks when hair grows back long. And finally, epilate with epilators. Doing so reduces the frequency of epilation.

How to epilate your arms

  • Take a hot shower
  • Make sure to scrub your arms.
  • I have found that while epilating, many people use lotion or powder. Never use these, it can clog your pores, and it is also not good for the epilators.
  • Do epilate your skin in the evening. It rests the pores and is good for sensitive skin.
  • Now, select the speed of the epilator. There will be two options available – slow and fast. I suggest that if you need a clean and smooth skin, do select the slow option.
  • Now slowly glide the razor onto your arms in the opposite direction of hair growth. Also, while gliding, pull your skin a little bit – it will hurt less.
  • Once you are done, apply ice immediately.
  • Afterwards, apply moisturizers and aloe vera.
  • After all, being completed, scrub your skin once again to prevent ingrown hair.

Disadvantages of epilating your arms

#1. Takes 2 hours to pull off your hair completely 

It takes a long time to epilate your whole arms. You might be tempted. And I have also found that, due to its time taking process, people shifted toward shaving.

I will also make you aware that, after shaving, if you shift toward epilation, it will be painful.

If you have never removed your hair before, epilation is a good idea.

#2. Be scared from its pain

The more you epilate less it will be painful

It is painful, but it depends upon your pain threshold. Normally, the pain will be like getting a tattoo pain.

If you are afraid of pain – epilate once a week when hair is very short. It is also good for sensitive skin.

Best Epilator for Arms

There are many epilators available on the market.  You can’t choose random epilator to remove your hair. It can irritate and can hurt you.

According to my personal use and my experience, Braun Silk Epil 9 is the best epilator for forearms.

Braun Silk Epil 9

Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 9 9-579 Hair Removal for Women, Facial Cleansing Brush, Womens Shaver, Wet & Dry, Cordless and 7 extras


One of the best features of this epilator is its head. It has a wide head, thus grasps more hair and pulls it in just one stroke.

The new micro grip tweezer technology, in addition, helps to remove hair with accurate precision.

Moreover, this epilator has a light attached to it. It eases to find a stray hair in your forearms. As a result, you will not leave single hair while epilating resulting from providing soft and smooth skin.

It comes up with different attachments like

  • a shaver head
  • a facial brush
  • a trimmer cap
  • a high-frequency massage cap
  • a skin contact cap
  • a charging stand

All this attachment makes this epilator the top-notch epilator.


  • 40% wider head
  • Light
  • Different attachments
  • Wet and dry condition


Epilating your arms isn’t bad at all. It makes your arm smooth and completely hairless. It is long-lasting and on top prevents ingrown hair.

If you epilate your hair, you will grow softer hair.

The only downside of epilating is that, if you have sensitive skin, you can feel mild pain and redness to your skin. Otherwise, it is all perfect for removing arm hair.

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