How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching & Irritation? Benefits For Female

how to trim pubic hair without itching

Trimming pubic hair is one of the daunting tasks. A simple mistake while gliding razor cut your skin down there. Furthermore, not sterilizing your tools cause infections.  So, How to trim pubic hair without itching, infection, and nicks and cuts?

The first and best way to trim pubic hair without itching is to trim it carefully. You don’t need to rush it – Watch it carefully and glide the razor slowly down there. And the other most crucial thing is to sterilize all your tools before shaving.

I will discuss it in detail.

How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching?

The pubic area is one of the sensitive parts. I know you will panic while moving the razor down there. But panicking leads to cut. Thus, you need to be calm and confident. And I have seen many people rushing to shave. You don’t need to rush out.

After being calm and confident, you can start shaving!

For shaving, you will need the following tools:

Once you have all these tools, you can go to your bathroom and can start grooming. However, there are some guidelines!

1. Sterilize Your Tools

disinfectant | i cut my pubic hair with scissors and now it's itchy

Once you collect all these tools. You first need to cleanse and sterilize it by using disinfectants. Doing so removes bacteria and prevents from infection.

I recommend you keep your own private tools; however, these disinfectants prevent you!

2. Cleanse Yourself

shave pubic hair female

Before starting to shave, you must cleanse yourself. For so, you can take a bath. Taking a bath not only removes bacteria from your skin but also wets and softens your pubic hair. As a result, it will be easier to move the razor down there without causing itchiness.

3. Make Yourself Ready

Once you cleanse yourself, you need to make yourself comfortable. You can either sit on the table or can stand up during shaving! You can prefer one way or the another, but you need to feel comfortable.

Now,  put a mirror in front of you such that you can see the entire pubic area.

4. Clip Your Hair

After being ready, you can start clipping your hair. To do so, you need to comb your hair with the tooth-brushed comb you have prepared before. Make sure to remove all tangled hair and make it straight and perfect.

Once you have excess hair on the top of the comb, you can use the sterilized scissor to cut it out. If you cut excess hair and make it short, it will be easier to glide a razor on it.

5. Use Moisturizer

You cut your hair down to short. But before trimming it, I suggest you apply some moisturizer in your pubic area. Because it softens your hair, and on top, it moisturizes and slicks your skin. Thus, while gliding razor, it will move smoothly onto it and trims it perfectly.

6. Trim it

Gently trim your hair all across the pubic areas. Sometimes, you will need to spread your legs to cut steep angles. Make yourself comfortable and shave it. It doesn’t matter how you position yourself but always try to shave your hair in the direction of hair growth. Never go against the grain. If you move your razor against the grain, it increases the friction and causes itchiness partially after the shave.

Furthermore, don’t try to shave all hair at one stroke. Instead, gently move your razor and try to start shaving at one side first. Finish shaving the hair at that particular side, and once you finished shaving that side, move to another side. It decreases the chance of irritation.

7. Clean your private parts

You need to cleanse your pubic area after completing trimming your hair. Make sure that you flush all hair from the pubic area. Flushing and cleaning the private part maintains hygiene and prevents bacterial infection.

8.  Moisturize it or use Astringents

Finally, after completing cleansing your private area, you need to moisturize it. Doing so hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and nourished. It also soothes your skin and prevents irritation.

You can also use astringents as an alternative to moisturizers. Astringents prevent infection and stop bleeding. You can use a piece of cotton and put some drop of astringents into it and finally dap it into the pubic area.

9. Cleanse Your Razor

prickly pubic hair after shaving

You completed trimming your hair. Now it’s time to cleanse your razor. You can use water to cleanse the clogged-up hair. If you don’t clean up those clogs, it will work less effectively next time.

Read In Detail About How to Clean Razor

Precautions Before Shaving

  • Use sharp scissors.
  • Scissor shouldn’t have sharp ends.
  • If you are using a safety razor for shaving hair, don’t use blades that others are using. You need to keep a sharp private blade. Check out the best safety razor blades for beginners.
  • Don’t glide the razor repeatedly on the same side. It is the primary cause of irritation.
  • Use mirror the best way.
  • Use separate clippers for shaving facial hair and pubic hair.
  • If you have bumps, don’t use a razor on it.
  • Properly cleanse your area and make it dry by dabbing it with a towel and use moisturizer.

In this way, you can trim your hair. If you still feel uncomfortable or itchiness, you can try some alternatives!

Alternatives to Shaving

1. Waxing

Waxing is faster and easy if done correctly. One advantage of waxing over shaving is that it lasts longer than shaving. Because it removes hair out from the root. On the flip side, it is painful.

2. Depilatory

You can also use depilatory like shaving powder as an alternate.  You just need to apply a paste of this powder, and it will get the job done. However, the downside of depilatory is that it contains more chemicals. It might irritate sensitive skin.

3. Threading

Threading is similar to waxing, which removes hair from its root. Generally, threading is done in eyebrows. But I won’t recommend it to you to remove hair from your sensitive parts.

4. Laser

The laser is the permanent solution for removing pubic hair. Although it is expensive, once you use a laser to remove pubic hair, you won’t ever need to do it again. It’s the best advantage over waxing, shaving, and threading.

Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair Female

There are many benefits of trimming pubic hair for females. Some essential benefits are:

  • Removes Odour
  • Reduces the Risk of Infection
  • Maintains hygiene


We have discussed the best ways to trim pubic hair without itching. If you become calm, confident and follow all the significant steps that we have explained above, you will definitely achieve the best shaving experience.

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