Should I Apply Beard Oil Everyday?

should i apply beard oil everyday

Beard thoroughly improves the way you look, but only when you properly maintain it. Every man does not get a healthy and attractive beard. That’s why they need additional support to grow and maintain it. They need to apply beard oil to maintain smooth and denser beard like popular celebs.

Should I Apply Beard Oil Every Day?

In total, you should apply beard oil twice a day. Apply it in the morning after taking a shower or cleaning your face and once during the night before you sleep.

Your skin pores and hair follicles will absorb that oil, and it will work like magic throughout the night. You will get a soft and shining beard in the morning along with glowing skin.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Every man, from students to working professionals, is willing to keep a beard. It makes people stop and stare at your face when you own a black and shiny beard.

Bearded men look a lot sexier than clean shaved men. That’s why millions are trying to find a way of turning a mere mass of facial hair into a dense beard. That’s where beard oil plays a crucial role.

Beard oil contains various conditioning ingredients that play a crucial role in growing and maintaining facial hair. Even though you own a denser beard, you should apply this oil to keep your facial hair moisturized.

Some renowned celebrity groomers use this oil every time they prepare their clients for an event. They do so because it enhances the natural appeal of facial hair.

This oil takes care of not only your beard but also the skin beneath facial hair. It keeps your skin hydrated and, at the same time, acts as a styling agent. Beard oil makes it much easier to maintain that preferred shape and shiny facial hair, which raw water can never do.

When should you apply beard oil?

There isn’t any special time to apply beard oil. Apply it right after cleaning your face. Men use hair oil right after washing their hair because they look dry and dehydrated if you do not apply hair oil. Similarly, beard oil also helps in maintaining that silky and moisturized look of your beard.

The hair follicles and pores get open when you wash your face. Your facial hair and skin can quickly absorb essential ingredients mixed in that oil. Therefore, you will not need anything else to take care of your facial skin.

Men, who live in a cold and dry climate, should make it a regular habit.

Only a few drops of beard oil would be enough to ensure the smooth growth and charming appeal of your facial hair.

Take a few drops of this oil in your hands, and then start rubbing it over your facial hair. Suppose your beard is not too long, rub beard oil on the beard, and then use a comb to spread it evenly across your beard.

How often should you apply beard oil?

Beard oil is one of the most widely promoted products in recent times. Probably, every man knows how helpful it can be in maintaining that charming look of the beard. People know its benefits but not the application frequency.

The frequency of applying beard oil depends on many things, such as where you live and how long your beard is. The pros suggest that twice a day should be enough for most of the users. 

It would be great if you take a soothing warm shower before sleep and then apply beard oil.

Your skin pores and hair follicles will absorb that oil, and it will work like magic throughout the night. You will get a soft and shining beard in the morning along with glowing skin.

Yes, it is fine if you use it twice a day because it will not cause side effects.

How to apply beard oil?

There isn’t any special process to follow. However, you must take care of a few things to ensure you apply beard oil properly.

  • Take a warm shower:

As mentioned earlier, beard oil works best when your skin pores are opened. Always take a warm shower before applying this oil. Once in the morning and once in the night before sleeping, that’s how you should prepare your face and beard for beard oil.

  • Let your face and beard dry:

Oil and water do not mix. Therefore, it won’t work quite well if you apply beard oil without wiping your face and beard with a clean and dry towel. Remove all the water drops and dry your beard before applying beard oil.

  • Take a few drops of beard oil into your hands:

Do not try to overdo it because a few drops would be enough to get the desired results. So, pump it into your hand and then rub your hands. Now start applying oil gently over your beard. Men with a long beard might need a little extra to ensure the whole beard is covered in beard oil perfectly.

  • Massage your face with beard oil:

Beard oil contains many essential nutrients, including Vitamin E, which is quite essential for our skin. So, gently massage beard oil over your face. That’s how you will thoroughly coat your beard with this oil and also nourish your skin with beneficial ingredients.

Do not apply too much because excess oil can clog your skin pores and cause skin issues!

Choose a premium product that includes non-comedogenic ingredients. It won’t clog your skin pores but work effectively to nourish your skin and beard.

That’s how you should apply beard oil two times a day. It will ensure your beard will grow faster, remain moisturized and shiny for a long time.


Common men finally started paying attention to the way they appear. They realized the beard could actually make them look more attractive and handsome. A perfectly shaped beard makes you feel rugged and more confident.

Millions of men and women admired how Chris Evans appeared in the final instalment of the Avengers movie. Many other celebs such as Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth, and Christian Bale thrilled the audience across the globe whenever they appeared with a beard look.

Beard looks great only if you maintain it. And to maintain a beard, you need to groom it properly. You shouldn’t forget to apply beard oil, trim the tangled beard and keep it in proper shape!

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