Emu Oil For Beard – Is It Good For Beard Growth?

emu oil for beard growth

Are you concerned about the growth of facial hair? If yes, then you should consider adding beard oil to your grooming routine. There are various types of beard oils, and each of them is formulated for different purposes. Emu oil for beard growth is effective as it helps to grow a beard fast and also, this oil prevents hair loss. If you wish to know more about this oil, then keep reading. In this post, I have highlighted the facts related to emu oil and its benefits.

What Emu oil is?

As the name suggests, emu oil is an oil that is made from the fat of the bird emu, which is found in Australia. Researchers believe that the natural oil made from the fat of the emu helps in stopping the hair loss as well as promotes the growth of the beard within 30 days.

Another best thing about this oil is that it helps in growing healthy beard. Emu oil has various properties and benefits in grooming facial hair.

Features of Emu oil for beard

Promotes hair growth– Emu oil is gaining popularity because of its properties of acting as hair loss remedy and stimulating hair growth. If you use the emu oil along with hair growth medications, then it allows the medications to penetrate and effectively stimulate hair growth deeply.

Anti-inflammatory property-  Sometimes, you feel irritation on using some oil on the beard. Emu oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that offer a healthy scalp. It does not cause any irritation to the scalp or skin.

Reduced stiffness- Another reason for hair loss and poor hair growth is the stiffness of the scalp. Emu oil reduces the stiffness of the scalp promoting beard or hair growth.

Non-comedogenic property- Another reason for poor beard growth is clogging of the pores of the skin. Emu oil posses Non-comedogenic property means that it does not cause clogging of pores that affects the growth of the hair.

Benefits of emu oil

Good emulsifier- When you apply this oil in your scalp, it does not feel oily as the oil has good emulsifying property, and the skin perfectly absorbs it.

Inhibits bacterial growth– This oil not only promotes beard growth but protect your skin against various bacterial infection. The oil processed as pure state discourages the fungal infections and bacterial infections that impact hair growth.

Fast hair growth– This oil promotes beard growth as it is a natural triglyceride that acts as neutral lipid. The oil is free from phosphorous and can penetrate right in the scalp, thus promoting fast beard growth. This oil can wake up 80% follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Thick beard- Emu oil for beard helps to make your beard thick by strengthening the roots of the beard. Within 30 days, you can see the increased rate of hair growth and see the positive changes in your hair.

Prevents ageing- Some other benefits of emu oil is that it prevents skin ageing. It has a good effect on collagen production and keeps your skin plump, elastic as well as wrinkle-free. Thus, using this oil, not only can you grow a beard but also remain young forever. Also, the anti-oxidants in the oil targets the ageing caused by stress.

Another benefit of emu oil is that it inhibits five-alpha reductase and helps in hair growth. Also, the oil contains all-natural content, and no chemical is added in it, which makes it the best product. Since this oil is the natural product, thus, there is no side effect seen when used.

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Is emu oil good for beard growth?  

Emu oil moisturizes the hair and boosts its growth. When the beard is moisturized, it becomes free from elements such as dryness and dandruff, which have a bad impact on hair growth. This oil reaches the skin underneath and moisturizes it thoroughly.  To maintain healthy skin, this oil stimulates the follicles and allows the free flow of the blood, thus allowing your beard to grow in natural as well as healthy way. It opens the pore of the skin, and so you get a thick beard, which makes you look mature and smart.

How to use the emu oil for growing beard naturally?

  • Apply emu oil from time to time

It is best to apply the oil soon after the shower. It is because when you take a shower, it opens up pores of your skin as well as allows the oil to get into your skin easily and reach hair follicles. Also, make sure that you dry your beard before applying the beard oil.

  • How much oil should be used?

You don’t need to apply emu oil in large quantity to grow a beard. A few drops are enough for moisturizing and growing your beard effectively. Also, if you apply more oil, then it makes your skin look oily, so make sure that you apply the proper amount of oil.

  • Apply properly

If you do not apply the emu oil properly, then you will not see the favourable results. You must apply the oil in a manner that it reaches inside your skin. It the oil does not go inside the skin, then it cannot work, and your beard won’t grow. So make sure to apply the oil on beard properly.


When you go to buy emu oil for beard, make sure you check its expiry date. The quality of the oil will last for one or two years, and it depends on the storage. If you want to maintain the quality of the oil, then store it in the refrigerator. Also, when you go to buy the emu oil, check its ingredient, always go with the product having a natural ingredient.

Therefore, If you wish to incorporate something natural and holistic into your routine, then go with emu oil. It is best for people who have dry skin and poor beard. With beard grown naturally, you will look more attractive and handsome. You will not feel embarrassed because of your looks. As there is no side effect of the emu oil; thus, using it will not be an issue.

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