Is Shaving A Beard Really That Important For An Interview?

is shaving a beard really that important for an interview

Shaving is indeed important, but it depends upon the type of interview you are appearing. The hardship and the research you have conducted throughout the time to crush the interview and even your ordinary attire can alter the perspective of the interviewer. Thus, in this post, we will briefly discuss the correlation between shaving and interview.

is a beard ok for an interview

Is Shaving A Beard Really That Important For An Interview? An interview at silicon valley for tech doesn’t care about your beard. They will select you based on an acquisition of intense knowledge of tech and programming. On the flip side, interviewing at the corporate office, shaving is a must.

So, does it mean that you can give an interview with your coarse and patchy facial hair at IT Firms? Of Course, Not! You need to trim your beard and need to look professional. Your attire totally going to make an impact in the eyes of the interviewer. You can’t behave unprofessionally.

Some ethics are being set by a particular company. You need to research all their ethics, dress code and moral values. And following the ethics implemented by those companies, you will appear in the interview.

Most of the Corporate office set the proper uniform as the dress code. Generally, you need to wear a suit and tie. However, the shirt and tie also work perfectly unless there is an undefined dress code set by an interviewer.

You need to look super genuine and on top of that, you must be mentally prepared.

Some tips before going to appear in an interview

Be Professional

Whether you are giving an interview at IT firm, corporate office, journalism, or at any other field professionalism is a must. You are being wholly judged by your professionalism. So, what does it mean professionalism? It means that you are an expert in that field. You have to behave like an expert.

And you know, behaving as an expert doesn’t work in real life. You need to study the subject very hard and need to do deep research on that very specific topic. You can’t act like an amateur. Being an amateur means being disqualified for the given post.
should i have my stubble for my interview
Additionally, professionalism additionally includes your attire. How you wear and what you wear also makes concern while giving an interview. You can’t wear a husky beard and give an interview. They have a significant chance of disqualifying you. Stubble beard may work. However, they must be properly trimmed. Your nails must be clipped and of course, clothes play a vital role.

You can’t take a risk because you have put all your effort. The tempestuous night you have gone through can’t be wasted by looking so unprofessional.

Mental Preparation

The agonizing night thinking of what will happen the next day. Will I get selected or not being whirling in the mind makes you feel depressed? You need to relax and keep concentration more on research and study.

Once you feel like you have researched enough to compete in that interview – you need to calm your mind and be prepared for the interview.

You don’t need to think about the future. It doesn’t matter they will select you or not – what does matter is, you are creating history by giving an interview at a new place and you will learn new things from that experience.

Make your Beard Nicer even if you wear it.

You feel masculine with your beard, and it provides strength to you. So, you decided to not cut your beard for an interview. Does that mean that you can appear in an interview without maintaining it?

You need to properly groom your beard. For grooming, you can use some beard oil, which will help to lay down the husky beard and helps you to look more genuine. Thereafter applying oil, you can use a beard comb or brush to make it look more astounding.

Cultural Belief

does having a beard affect getting job
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On the odd occasion, you need to give more priority to the culture rather than interview. Even though an interview is equally momentous, you can’t neglect your culture. You have learned so many things from the culture, and following the proper belief and culture makes you more superior and professionalism rather than being unselected in a particular interview.

The interviewee also knows the norms and cultural belief because they are human too. Thus, they won’t force you to follow the specific code of conduct, and they can make it as an exceptional case.

Sikhs need to wear a turban. They are prestige to them. Similarly, Muslims wear a beard. And as an interviewee, it’s their morality to keep their prestige high.

Final Words

Is a Beard Ok For An Interview? It depends. And even if you wear a beard in an interview, it must be well-groomed. You can go to the saloon and trim your beard merely before going to give an interview.

Adeptly, tech company doesn’t care about your beard. They will qualify you based on knowledge. You can see tech geek having long hair and beard at most of the IT corp.

On the other hand, giving an interview at the bank or any other corporate office, you need to clean shave your beard. They include rules for an interviewee, and you will henceforth research the rule and follow it properly.

Ultimately, we can’t say that it’s unprofessional to have a beard. But if a company decides, you can’t wear a beard while giving an interview, don’t ever take a risk by wearing it.

Have a good luck for your interview!

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