Is Shaving Your Arms Really Bad? Know Some Facts & Tips Before Shaving

is shaving your arm bad

Shaving is hectic, whether it’s shaving an arm, leg or any part of your body. Razor burn, irritation, nicks, and cuts are their major counterpart. Contrary to these, you must be mentally prepared to shave your arm. Once you started shaving, you can’t stop it. Thus, in this post, we will discuss shaving your arm – the major pros, cons, and tips!

Is Shaving Your Arms Bad?

Shaving arms is literally not bad. It makes your skin smooth and clean. However, the rush to shave your arm, ingrown hair and razor burn are problematic.

The initial phase of hair not trimmed ever before grows softer. Once you started shaving – it grows coarse and even more coarse, eventually. If you are late to shave, you will feel the roughness. To overcome this, you need to shave hair regularly twice or thrice a month.

Some women believe that shaving causes hair to grow denser and thicker. Apparently, it is not precise. It grows a bit of coarse hair but not thicker and denser hair. Therefore, you need not worry about it.


Why do you need to worry while shaving arms?

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1. Stubble hair

Stubble hair is the one that grows back after you shaved it. It feels coarse, probably like the short men’s beard but not as hard as that of beard.

You cut your hair at a blunt angle, and it seems denser and thicker. On top of that, it can also appear darker.

And believe me, it makes you feel really bad.

You can feel the stubble hair by nudging it.

2. Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is the one that gets curled and grows inside your skin. The red bumps appear as a sign of ingrown hair, which causes itchiness and pain.

However, you can reduce ingrown hair by changing your shaving technique.

  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving
  • Use a Sharp Blade
  • Rinse the blade after each stroke
  • Don’t frequently shave to prevent it
  • Never use a dull blade

3. Frequent shaving

For your arms to look clean and smooth, you need to schedule free time. Even if you don’t have free time, you need to schedule it.

You can never say No to shaving! Saying no means hair to grow by 0.44mm the next day. Henceforth, it looks messed up, and the time will come to hide your arms.

4. Irritation and Razor Burn

The most awful thing while shaving is irritation and razor burn. It doesn’t matter how careful you become; there is always nicks and cut. If you have sensitive skin, you can realize redness to your skin, itchiness, and red bumps.

Tips to prevent irritation and razor burn

  • Wet your skin
  • Exfoliate it
  • Use shaving gel
  • Use a sharp blade
  • Clean the razor after each stroke
  • Use moisturizer aftershave

5. Dry Skin

Obviously, your skin turns dry aftershave. Sometimes, irritation and dryness might make you embarrassed, and you might regret it. Alas, you don’t need to feel down. Be happy because you have hair-free skin.

For your skin to look smooth and charming, you need to invest in quality moisturizer.

Always choose the moisturizer which comes with ingredients like Aloe Vera. It soothes your irritated skin.

Any Alternatives to shaving

is it weird for girls to shave arms


An alternative to shaving is waxing. Although waxing is more painful, there are some benefits to it.

  • Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it removes hair from the root. Thus, it takes more time to grow back hair from the same spot and usually lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • If you are prone to cuts, you can choose to wax as your alternative.
  • Additionally, you will have rash-free skin because you won’t glide a blade in your skin.
  • Due to slow regrowth, you won’t feel itchiness while the hair grows.
  • No stubble hair.
  • Waxing is faster rather than shaving.

How to shave your arm?

To masterpiece any art, you need to learn techniques and practice it for a long time. The art of shaving also completes with these two. Some tips for shaving your arms are:

  • Firstly, you need to trim your hair with an electric shaver. Hereafter trimming, you can use a razor to shave it, which provides a close and smooth shave.
  • Hydrated hairs are often softer and easier to cut. Never shave your hair without wetting it. There is more probability of having wounds while cutting it without hydrating it.
  • Next, after hydrating, you need to exfoliate your skin. For exfoliation, you can use a scrub that removes dead skin cells preventing ingrown hair.
  • After you exfoliate your skin, you need to use shaving gel. Apply shaving gel all over your arm. It produces foam which makes it easier to shave with fewer cuts and irritations.
  • You need to use a sharp razor. Using dull blades causes nicks, cuts and ingrown hair.
  • Don’t forget to rinse your blade after you make each stroke.
  • The area of arms is larger. Thus, you need to shave it slowly to minimize the risk factor. If possible, you can cut it into sections. From the upper arm to elbow -one section – and elbow to lower arm next section.
  • Once you completed shaving, you need to cleanse the shaver.
  • Dispose of the blade if its performance is weaker.
  • Finally, you can apply moisturizer. It provides a soothing effect on irritated skin.

Some Related Questions

Does shaving your arm makes the hair thicker?

No, it doesn’t make the hair thicker. While shaving, it makes a blunt end at the tip of the hair. As a result, while the hair grows back, it looks a bit pointed, resulting in it appear thicker. But the ratio is always the same.

Does shaving cause bumps?

Obviously, it causes bumps. It probably might be the result of razor burn. Ingrown hair also produces bumps which are also the result of shaving.

Do girls shave their arm?

Of course, the girl shaves their arm. Some choose to shave their arm, whereas some choose an alternative to shave as waxing.

How can I remove body hair permanently?

Shaving doesn’t remove hair permanently. The only way to remove hair permanently is laser treatment.


Shaving an arm is not bad because it clears hair from your arm. Rather than having a hairy arm, it’s better to have smooth skin. Isn’t it?

But you must have to be prepared for what could happen to aftershave. The regrets aftershave is worthless. Think about it before a shave.

You have known all the pros and cons of shaving. So, it’s you who will decide rather start to shave or not.

If you have any queries, ask me!

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