10 Best Epilator For Beginners

best epilator for beginners

When I was a beginner, I was afraid to epilate my hair because I thought it would hurt. It will, of course, hurt but from my experience, I can say that the pain gets lesser as you epilate more. Additionally, epilators have a critical role! Therefore, in this post, I will discuss the best epilator for beginners, which will help you to get rid of unwanted hair.

The best epilator for beginners is the one that has an ergonomic design with an average number of tweezers. It eases to pull off your hair from your skin with less or no pain.

Once hair is removed, it grows back finer and will be less noticeable.

If you are in a hurry! Check out our top 5 epilators.

So, let’s start with!

Beginners Buying Guide

These are the features beginners must consider before buying an epilator.

Check the number of tweezers.

The total number of tweezers determines the quality of tweezer. As follows, you need to buy the epilator containing a higher number of tweezers. For beginners, I suggest you buy an epilator with 20 tweezers.

Generally, tweezers pluck hair from your skin.

If there are higher numbers of tweezers, all these tweezers grasp your hair and pull them out from its root. It will be quick and straightforward. At the same time, it will hurt less!

But how much it will pain depends upon your pain threshold!

Corded is the best epilator.

If you are a beginner, i will suggest you to buy corded epilator

The corded epilator works on electricity but will be powerful while cordless epilator works on battery and has an advantage of mobility!

Wet or Dry Epilator

If you are a beginner, I suggested you use a corded epilator. But while buying corded epilator, you can’t use it while being wet.

For using it in a wet situation, you will need an epilator having both wet and dry options!

Note: While shaving wet, I suggest you to fully charge your battery first!


Beginners need to buy an epilator having slow speed.

Usually, epilators come up with both high and low-speed options. And using it in slow speed can effortlessly pluck your hair.


The higher the number of attachements the better will be the epilator

Epilators comes with  attachments like

  • trimmer cap
  • interchangeable head,
  • exfoliation brush and
  • skin contact cap


Light is another feature you need to check before buying it. It helps beginners to see the stray hair. As a result, they can even epilate the fine lines of hair.


I suggest you buy  neither too expensive nor too cheap epilators.

If you are buying epilators with few tweezers and less attachment, it will cost lesser. While the epilators with more tweezers and attachments are costlier

These are the factors that will help you to determine the best epilators.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the best epilators for beginners

10 Best Epilators For Beginners

1. Braun Silk Epil 9

Braun Epilator for Women

I personally use Braun Silk Epil 9 epilator and what I like about this epilator is its epilation technique. It grasps hair and plucks it out in just one stroke. It hurts less thus suitable for beginners

The new micro grip tweezer technology helps to pluck hair with accurate precision, which is good for sensitive skin.

Furthermore, this epilator is attached with light. It helps beginners to see stray hairs. Due to it, you will completely remove unwanted hair. Afterwards, you will have soft and smooth skin.

Talking about attachments, it comes up with

  • a shaver head
  • a  massage cap
  • a skin contact cap
  • a trimmer cap
  • a facial brush and
  • a charging stand


  • Head is 40% wider, thus grasps more hair.
  • Light attached to this shaver is worthwhile for beginners.
  • Comes up with different attachments
  • Can use it in both wet and dry condition

2. Panasonic ES-ED 90

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

I liked the power of Panasonic ES-ED 90 epilator. If you are a beginner, but you have coarse hair, this is my personal favourite recommendation. It can epilate all your dense hair with ease.

It comes up with 48 tweezers! Just imagine 48 tweezers grasping hair with high speed! It can ease your job. Additionally, with its pivoting head, it can epilate hair even in difficult spots.

For epilating effectively, just hold this epilator at 90 degrees, pull your skin a bit tighter and glide it. You will have best epilating experience.

Along with this epilator, you will get

  • Shaver’s head
  • Beginner’s area head
  • Sensitive area head


  • It is extremely powerful thus good for coarse hair
  • You can use it in both dry and wet situation
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin

3. Braun Face 810

Braun Face 820

If you want to epilate your face, Braun Face 810 is the worthy epilator.

Not only it helps you to epilate your face, but also helps in exfoliation. It comes up with built-in facial cleanser that cleanses your face and unclogs the pores.

As a result, it prevents irritation and ingrown hair.

Note: I recommend you to use Braun Face 810 only in your face.

4. Emjoi Ap-18

Emjoi AP-18

If you want to remove stubble hair, Emjoi Ap-18 is the best choice!

It beats all epilators in terms of the number of tweezers. It has 72 tweezers.  Therefore, no matter how coarse and stubble your hair is, it can epilate it in just one stroke.

You can also use it to remove facial hair, but I won’t recommend it if you have sensitive skin.

This is the true corded epilator and you can use it only in dry condition.

The best feature of this epilator is that it lifts your hair a bit and plucks it. Thus, you will feel less pain while using this epilator.

5. Braun Silk 5 Epilator

Braun Silk-epil 3 3-270

If you have a limited budget, I recommend you to use Braun Silk 5 epilator. Gliding this epilator, you can epilate thick and coarse hair.

Moreover, it has a massage roller attachment, as well. It makes your epilating experience more fruitful.

This is also the corded epilator! Thus, it has power, and you can use it epilate thick hair.

6. Philips Satinelle

Although Philips Satinelle is smaller in size, it is one of the best epilators! It has a few tweezers but works effectively. I consider this epilator as the budgeted epilator

It won’t epilate thick hair at just one stroke. This is the downside of this epilator.

But with a limited budget, this epilator comes in rescue to epilate hair.

7. Braun Silk Epil 3

Braun Silk-epil 3 3-270

Braun silk epil 3 is one of the best epilators for beginners.

With 20 tweezers, you can epilate your hair with less pain. It is also the corded epilator.

It matches my recommendation; thus, I highly recommend you to use this epilator if you are a beginner.

Not only is it good for epilating legs and arms but it works exceptionally well for armpits and bikini line

8. Philips Satin Perfect

Philips HP6576

If you want to get rid of ingrown hair, Philips Satin perfect is the best choice!

While epilating with this epilator, it removes hair from the follicles; thus, there is less possibility of having ingrown hair.

The working methodology of this epilator is :

  • It contains the rotating hypoallergenic ceramic disc.
  • While gliding it onto your skin, this disc grasps the hair and pulls it out.

From this, I can conclude that not only is this good for ingrown hair, but it also works well for people having sensitive skin. Thus, it is considered as a hygienic epilator.

9. EmojoieRase 60

Emjoi eRase e60 | best epilator for black hair

Epilating hair is a tempted task. But using EmojoieRase epilator, it eases your job.

Especially if you want to remove your hair quickly, you can use this epilator. Due to 60 tweezers, it grasps dense hair and pulls it out in just one stroke.

It plucks even the finest hair. This is the plus point of using this epilator.

Normal epilators can only pluck hair with 0.5mm in length but this epilator can even pluck hair having length of 0.3mm

Additionally, the new erase glide technology helps you to use this epilator smoothly on your skin. You can either use it in a circular motion or can use it back and forth.

10. Braun Silk Epil 7

Braun Silk-epil 7 7-561 | Best epilator for black skin

If you want a cordless epilator, Braun Silk Epil 7 is the worthy one. It works for about 40 minutes once being fully charged! In 40 minutes, you can complete one grooming season.

Additionally, It comes up with 40 tweezers. Thus, it is good for thick hair as well.

Some attachments of this epilator are!

  • Shaver’s head
  • Trimmer cap


  • It is an affordable epilator
  • It is corded
  • It is an average epilator for beginners


We have researched many epilators and selected Braun Silk Epil 9 as the best epilator for beginners on the basis of its feature, price, speed and functionalities. It is good for sensitive skin, can epilate coarse hair and it hurts less.

You can find many epilators on the market. But you need to choose the one based on its tweezers, speed, light, and its attachment.

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