Can Shaving Cream Be Used As Face Wash?

Shaving cream is precisely soap in a can. It reduces friction between skin and the sharp razor blades protecting your skin from nicks, cuts, and razor burns. But, Can shaving cream be used as a face wash?

If you don’t have access to face wash, you can use shaving cream. It cleanses your face, but you need to choose shaving cream depending upon your skin type. If your skin is dry, you need to use shaving cream containing moisturizer. Meanwhile, If you have sensitive skin, you need to stay away from fragrances and harsh chemicals.

Using the combination of lukewarm water, shaving cream, and some moisturizer provide a great result.

However, some shaving creams contain comedogenic ingredients that can clog up the pores.

Thus, you need to check its ingredients before using it.

Ingredients to check before washing face

Shaving cream contains both beneficial and toxic ingredients.  It would be best if you were cautious about it.


Sulfates are useful when used with cosmetic products like shaving cream and shampoo. However, while the concentration being high, and it is being mixed with other ingredients, it can dry your hair and skin.


Although, the FDA approved glycols as the safe ingredients while used in low concentration. If you use it with concentrated glycols like Propylene Glycol, it can dehydrate your hair.


Shaving cream comes with varieties of fragrance. It invigorates your skin whatsoever; it can also cause irritation. Additionally, it can cause redness, irritation, and allergies.

Mainly, if you have sensitive skin, I suggest you use shaving cream with light or no fragrance.


Preservative preserves cosmetic product from the mold. Some commonly used preservatives in shaving cream are parabens.

They are essential, but I suggest you use paraben-free shaving cream. Because it can cause a lot of problems like an allergic reaction and clogging up the pores…


The emulsifier itself has no disadvantage. But when it is mixed with oil and water, it can dry up your skin.

Ironically, it let other irritants to penetrate your skin and cause infection.


Formaldehydes are used in toiletries. It can cause many problems like:

  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory problems

These are the common ingredients you need to look after in shaving cream before using it!

How to wash your face with shaving cream

Washing the face with shaving cream is the same as washing it with face wash. Moreover, it creates a rich lather than shaving cream.

Let’s check how you can wash it with shaving cream.

  • To begin with, wash your face with lukewarm water.  It helps to open up the pores.
  • Take a scoop of shaving cream and apply it in a circular motion. I recommend using a washcloth while doing this.
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water and make sure that you remove all the grimes
  • Examine your skin and recheck if you again need to apply shaving cream
  • If it is not necessary, pat your skin dry with a dry towel.
  • Ultimately, apply face moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Benefits of using shaving cream for face

Hydrates your skin

If you don’t cleanse your face, it becomes dry, which results in itchiness and irritation. But you can hydrate it using shaving cream.

It contains moisturizing property like aloe that traps moisture in your face and keeps it hydrated.

Prevents Acne

Shaving cream that lacks comedogenic ingredients is good for acne. It cleanses pores and prevents build-up oils. Not only that, if you already have acne, it can also provide a soothing effect to it.

Exfoliate your face

Shaving cream can also act as an exfoliator. You can scrub your face using it and keeps your skin healthy.

Invigorates your skin

If your skin is dull, shaving cream can totally invigorate your skin and provides you with a soothing and refreshing sensation.

The downside of using shaving cream to wash face everyday

Causes Acne

Some shaving cream contains toxic ingredients. Shaving cream blended with minerals and comedogenic ingredients can clog up the pores resulting to cause breakouts.

Dries your skin

As you already know, shaving cream is preserved with solvents & preservatives. As these preservatives are harmful and can dry your skin

Allergies Reaction

Some chemicals like Isotopene blended into it can cause allergic reaction, dermatitis, headache, and dizziness as well.

Why do you need to use face wash?

  • Face wash completely cleanses your face. It removes dirt, grimes, and oils from your face, ultimately providing you with healthy skin.
  • It also helps to exfoliate your skin.
  • Not only it cleanses your face, but it also promotes blood circulation.


Shaving cream can be used as a face wash, but while using shaving cream, you need to read its ingredients carefully. If you are allergic to acne, and if it contains mineral oils and comedogenic ingredients, you need to get rid of it. Additionally, if you have dry skin, shaving cream containing aloe works perfectly.

Although, it doesn’t cleanse your face completely like face wash, but while lacking face wash, shaving cream works as the best alternative.

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