Is Shaving Cream Toxic?

is shaving cream toxic

Shaving cream produces thick lather and foam, which smoothens your skin while shaving. It uses chemicals to produce lather and foam. And these chemicals separate it from being toxic and non-toxic.

Which Shaving Cream Is Toxic?

Those shaving cream which contains propylene glycol, polytetrafluoroethylene, sulfates, triethanolamine, and phthalates are toxic, and you must avoid it. Negligence might cause cancer, tumour, rashes, irritation and hormonal imbalance.

is shaving cream toxic

Let’s talk in detail about these chemicals:

Avoid Shaving Cream Containing Toxic Chemicals


Almost every cosmetic product, including shaving cream, contains sulfate, which is toxic in nature. Brands usually change their name sulfate to ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate and sometimes abbreviated it as SLS or SLES.

It doesn’t matter how they mask their name; if any shaving cream contains sulfate, it will surely affect you.

Mainly, sulfate irritates your skin first and gradually damages your hair follicle, resulting in impaired hair growth. Check more details here.


Teflon is the chemical used to make nonstick cookware – a pan that you use to fry an egg in the morning. So, you can imagine what could happen to you if you use that chemical on your face.

Excessive use of Teflon could cause cancer. Check more details here.


Triethanolamine contains both tertiary amine and a triol used to make nitrogen gas. In shaving cream, it helps to form an emulsion, and with the help of fatty acid, it forms the salt and gets the characteristics of soap.

Using triethanolamine causes irritation, and sometimes it could lead to the growth of the tumour. Check more details here.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol acts like glycerine but is not actually glycerine. It is used in brake fluid.

You must avoid this chemical. Otherwise, it could cause irritation and allergies. Check more details here.


Phthalates are used in food packing and cosmetic products. Shaving cream uses this chemical to increase the viscosity, which smoothens shaving.

You can use shaving cream containing these chemicals if it wouldn’t harm your health. Unfortunately, it affects your hormone and could imbalance sperm production. Check more details here.

These are the most toxic chemicals, and you must avoid them. And the only way to avoid these chemicals is by observing labels while buying them. So, don’t rush while buying it.

Sometimes while you shave, lather might go inside your mouth. It won’t do more harm, but you must be careful while shaving. However, some symptoms might make you perplexed. You must rush into the hospital as soon as you encounter these symptoms.


  • Blur vision
  • Nausea and Vomit
  • Difficult to breathe
  • Burning eyes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rashes

Is There Any Non-Toxic Shaving Cream?

ingredients present in shaving cream
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Of course, there is! These creams are made of indigenous ingredients and provide a more charming effect on your skin. You can check out the best shaving cream here.

Rather than harming your skin, it makes a positive impact on your skin. It soothes your skin, preventing irritation. Upon nicks and cuts, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and prevents infection.

Some of the non-toxic ingredients present in shaving cream are:


Water is one of the main ingredients present in almost all shaving cream. It works as a solvent to dissolve and evenly distribute other ingredients to make shaving cream texture softer.

The amount of water mixed into the shaving cream determines the quality of the lather. If less water is mixed into it, the quality of shaving cream is always subpar.


Aloe works as a moisturizer that makes your skin softer even aftershave. It also provides a soothing effect to remove irritation.


Glycerine has a high viscosity which smoothens your shave preventing nicks and cuts. Additionally, it makes your skin moisturized by trapping water into it.


Chamomile is another ingredient that soothes irritated skin. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Rose Extract

While shaving, there are higher chances of having razor burn, nicks, and cuts. Rose Extract prevents blemishes and reduces redness and itchiness.

Essential Oils

Essential oil includes coconut, cedarwood, peppermint, sesame, and olive oil. The different benefits of these oils are:

Coconut oil

  • Works as moisturizer
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Anti-inflammation

 Olive Oil

  • Works as anti-oxidant
  • Prevent ageing

Sesame oil

  • Prevents irritation
  • Antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial

Peppermint oil

  • Freshen your skin
  • Prevent Acne
  • Skin cleanser


  • Prevent Acne
  • Reduce scars
  • Soothe your skin

Some Related Questions

What does shaving cream actually do?

Shaving cream produces a thick lather. Thus, while gliding razor into your skin, it prevents razor burn, nicks, and cuts. On top of that, it increases the efficiency of shaving.

What happens if you don’t use shaving cream?

Nicks, cuts, and razor burn. While you glide razor on rough skin, it increases friction between them, resulting in redness and even cuts.

Is shaving cream toxic to babies?

Shaving cream excluding chemicals we discussed above is non-toxic. However, it can cause allergies to the eyes.

Is shaving cream bad for you?

No, Shaving cream is beneficial, and you must use it during shaving.

Is it ok to shave without shaving cream?

You can shave without shaving cream; however, you can use alternatives to shaving cream.

Final Words

Is shaving cream toxic? Shaving cream is not very toxic, but it depends upon the concentration of the chemicals mixed into it. The shaving cream containing propylene glycol, polytetrafluoroethylene, sulfates, triethanolamine, and phthalates are highly toxic and are suggested not to use.

On the flip side, shaving cream containing natural ingredients like essential oil, aqua, herbal extract, and non-toxic are highly suggested to use during shaving. It moisturizes your skin which prevents redness, itchiness, scar, and razor burns. Even if you cut while shaving, these ingredients prevent infection and heal the wound quickly.

You must read the ingredients carefully to avoid chemicals present in shaving cream. And you will have a clean and smooth shaving experience.

If you have any questions related to shaving cream, you can ask me!

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