Can You Heat Up Shaving Cream?

can you heat up shaving cream

Some men love to shave using warm shaving cream. There are several ways and means of creating a warm lather to provide some comfortable and soothing shaving experience. Shaving by using hot lather might sound old school but it is one of the best things to do in shaving.

You can use the razor whose head is heated enough to produce warm lather or there are certain machines which can be used to make the lather warm. But buying these machines might become a costly affair and there are inexpensive ways by which you can produce lather.

Things to follow to keep your shaving cream warm 

There are certain things you need to keep in mind to keep the shaving cream warm and to produce warm lather. It is not possible to warm the other items which are needed for shaving, you can with some efforts.

  • Use the right brush 

Certain brushes can retain heat. When the brushes have very fine bristles, then they produce a lot of heat while creating the lather. There are certain badger hair brushes which are very much efficient enough to produce the required heat. You can also preheat the bowl or the scutter which you use for producing the lather.

  • Soak in hot water 

When you can heat the shaving cream a bit and use it, there are also ways where you can make sure that the equipment is warm enough. Right from the brushes to the razor, you can keep everything under running tap water, which is hot and not warm for about 10 seconds. You need to fill the entire sink with the hot water and make all the equipment rest in it for about 2 minutes at least. This process will help you maintain a stable temperature throughout the shaving process. Even when the temperature of the cream goes down, the high-temperature levels of the equipment used will compensate for it.

  • Building lather in the bowl

Many would take the brush directly on to the face and start building lather by rubbing the brush on the face. This doesn’t ensure much warmness on your face. It is always recommended to produce lather on your face by rubbing the brush in the bowl and then applying it on the face. When you are soaking all the equipment in the sink, make sure to drain all the warm water out of it. Just because the water is warm, you cannot take chances of using the brushes without draining it as it removes all the lather from your face.

The next important step which follows post the production of a very strong lather is the application of razor. There is a different type of razors which are available in the market and you can choose one depending on your needs and requirements. Whichever razor you use, make sure to have a huge mug of hot/warm water in it. Keep rinsing the razor very frequently in hot water to make sure the lather is warm enough.

  • Making sure not to change the style 

When you are in a hurry, you keep changing the direction and the cycle of the stroke of the brush to make sure you have a clean shave without any stubble. But when you are doing a shave with the equipment which is soaked in hot water, then you need not change the direction and keep following the same direction throughout. This will make sure that you enjoy a luxurious shave experience throughout.

  • Use Shaving soaps 

There has been a huge influx of people who started using the shaving soaps for the warm shave experience. When you don’t find enough time to produce the lather and following the procedure, these shaving soaps come handy and it gives the warmth due to the ingredients used in it.

These are some of the things you should never fail to follow in a warm shave experience.

Advantages of having a warm shaving experience 

There are a lot of advantages when you opt for a warm shaving experience rather than the normal shave procedure. The few are listed below.

  • Patting wash with warm water 

Some people pat their faces with warm water before they start applying the brush on their faces to produce lather. This apart from giving the warm shave experience also opens up the pores on one’s face and clears the face-off all the dirt.

  • Smooth shave

Apart from just lathering the cream on your face and proceeding to shave, when you decide to use the warmed experience or cover your face with a towel soaked in warm water and then soften the beard, it leads to a very smooth shave. Even some of the hardest stubbles can get soft and it makes you love your skin more.

  • Exfoliation 

When you are using the best quality razors, then you can find that the beard has been removed about 4 times. This removes all the dead skin cells from your face. But when you are using the razors which are soaked in warm water, then it makes your skin appear very healthy by making it very clean and clear enough. It almost exfoliates your skin.

  • Avoid the problem of ingrown hairs 

When you are shaving without warming and you have an ingrown hair, then you can find that when the ingrown hairs are pulled out, it creates a bump and red spots appear all over your face. When you prefer a warm shave experience, then you can avoid the problem of red spot or bump and it exfoliates your skin and opens the pores. This also prevents the problem of skin irritation.

All these tips, suggestions and statements answer the question in mind, Can you heat shaving cream? You cannot heat the shaving cream, but you can make sure to heat the bowl in which the cream is mixed to produce lather and using warm water and warmed equipment throughout your shave experience.

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