How To Use Vitamin E Capsules For Beard Growth?

how to use vitamin e capsules for beard growth

There are different methods for applying vitamin E capsules in your beard. Some use it directly onto their beard, some mix it with oil whereas some ingest it. You can use it however you like. Thus, in this post, we will briefly talk about what you need to know about vitamin E capsule and beard growth.

The best way to use vitamin E capsule is to mix it with some other oil which includes coconut oil or olive oil. It will provide the best outcome.

Of course, this might not work for everyone. However, we will help you to provide the most valuable insight of using vitamin E capsules to your beard.

#1 Using Vitamin E Capsule With Olive or Coconut Oil

Olive oil contains the bundle of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal property. It moisturizes your beard and provides a soothing effect to it.

Whereas, coconut oil nourishes your hair follicle resulting in the proper growth of beard.

How to use Vitamin E capsule for Beard Growth

#1. Initially, you need to cleanse your face with sterile water. Dab it with a towel and make sure your face is dry before applying any paste onto it.

#2. Instantly take the vitamin E capsule and make a miniature hole and gush the oil onto some bowel.

#3. Take a 2-3 spoon of coconut or olive oil and mix it with the vitamin E mixture. You need to make sure that you have mixed it properly before applying it.

#4. You can gently apply it to your face. You can use your fingertips to apply it.

#5. Gently massage your skin in a circular motion. It helps ingredients to go deep down the pores and helps in the growth of your beard.

#6. You can pat it for some minutes and make it dry for about 30 minutes.

#7. Ultimately, you can wash it with Luke-warm water.

This is the proper way of applying vitamin E capsule onto your beard. You can use this method twice a week.

You will definitely perceive changes in your skin as well as your beard implementing this method.

The benefit of Olive Oil

#1 Moisturizes your beard–Your beard looks magnificent only if it has got moisturizing property. The shining look comes in beard with the moisturizing property.

#2 Remove Itchiness–One of the prevalent problems while growing the beard is itchiness. You will feel itchiness as it grows longer. You can use olive oil in order to reduce it.

#3 Styling your beard–Maintaining your beard is a kind of difficult. You need to style it once it grew up to medium sized. For that, you can use olive oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

#1 Prevents Bacterial Infection–While you trim your beard, it might get cut and that cut might lead to infection. Using coconut oil regularly with vitamin E might prevent it.

#2 Remove Dandruff from a beard–Do you know, your beard also contains dandruff? But it is called beardruff. Beardruff appears when your beard doesn’t contain the moisturizing agent. One of the ways to remove beardruff is to use coconut oil.

#3 Moisturizing property – Coconut oil also contains a moisturizing property which helps to make your beard look sleek.

#2 Using only vitamin E capsule:

You can also use vitamin E capsule only without mixing any oil to it. It also disseminates a satisfactory result. However, the high concentration of vitamin E capsule might cause acne. Thus, if you have a problem of acne, you need to lower the concentration of a vitamin E by applying some other mixtures like olive oil and coconut oil to it.

#3 Ingestion of Vitamin E Capsule

You can also ingest the vitamin E capsule. But this is the case when there is a deficiency of the vitamin E in your body. After you ingest it, it maintains the level of vitamin E in your body. Ingestion of vitamin E capsule might not help in growing your beard in comparison to applying it.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is also known as anti-oxidant. It has a crucial role in our body. However, we will talk about facial hair in this post.

Vitamin E helps to increase in growth of facial hair by increasing blood flow. You can gain vitamin E in your body by ingesting vitamin E capsule or some diets which include a high concentration of vitamin E.

Foods that contain Vitamin E are:

  • White germ oil
  • Sunflower
  • Nut
  • PeaNut
  • HazelNut
  • Greens

Does Vitamin E capsule Cause Facial Hair Growth?

Scientific studies show that not growing facial hair is due to the gene or some hormonal disorder. If it is the case, using vitamin E might not help you in the growth of facial hair.

Whatsoever, if your hair is not growing due to dead pore cell. You can use this technique to get a positive result.

Benefits Of Vitamin E

#1 Split End – Resources show that the best remedy for the split end is to use Vitamin E. It makes your end remains smooth and moisturized.

#2 Increases Beard Thickness – Patchiness is another problem while growing a beard. It doesn’t look good with a patchy beard. In order to remove patchiness and grow a thick beard, you can use vitamin E.

#3 Beard Dandruff – Of course, if you mix olive oil or coconut oil, it also helps to remove beard dandruff. However, vitamin E also removes dandruff from your beard.

#4 Growth of facial hair – You use the vitamin E for the growth of your facial hair. Doesn’t it? Thus, it works accordingly to provide growth of it.

Side Effects Of Vitamin E

Using an excessive amount of vitamin E has got some side effect on your body as well as skin. Some of the drawbacks for excess use of the vitamin E are

  • Headache
  • Loose Motion
  • Skin Reaction
  • Stroke
  • Bleeding Disorder

Wrap Up

Finally, You can apply vitamin E capsule in your beard along with some essential oils. These blends of oil will definitely help to provide the shiny looking beard.

You can use any method to apply it to your beard. However, it is not sure that, any one of the methods described above will help to grow a beard.

But there is one guarantee that using vitamin E along with other oil makes your skin and beard moisturized and make it look tight and shiny



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