How To Clean A Razor?

How to Get Small Hairs and General Gunk Out of Your Disposable Razor Blades

Every so often, while you shave, small hair and lather might get accumulated in the blade. These gunks must be cleared. Not clearing these gunks after shaving might cause infection. Even the performance of razors got deduced. Thus, in this post, we will discuss cleaning a razor.

How to clean a razor? There are various ways to clean a razor. However, the most used and unnoticed method is Rinse, Shake and Store. Everyone uses this method while most of them are unaware of it.

Razors aftershave is rinsed – it’s so common method. I am doing it since I started shaving my hair and I think you might have been following along. Hereafter rinsing, they were shaken and stored in the shaving kit.

This is a simple yet significant method to make your razor clean and rust-free.

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Rinse, Shake and Store? How

It is easy as it seems. However, you need to follow the rule of thumb.


You need to rinse your razor three times – before the shave, aftershave and after each stroke, you make during the shave.

Hair and lather might get clogged in a blade during the previous shave. You must rinse it before the shave because it prevents infection. On top of that, it lubricates the blade and makes it easier to shave preventing from nicks and cuts. While rinsing, you must ensure that the razor is cleaned properly.

So, you started shaving your hair but while shaving – don’t forget to rinse it after each stroke. Because it sharpens the blade and makes it easier to cut hair. It prevents razor burn and irritation.

Finally, you finished shaving your hair. You know what to do aftershave; rinse it properly – this is the final step which decides how long your razor lasts. You need to clean each corner of the razor. For doing so, you can use tap water. Water goes against the blade and pushes out small hair and gunks from the razor.


The next step after rinsing is to shake the razor. You can simply hold the razor and shake it softly. While doing so, the water you rinsed before comes out and makes it easier to dry. But don’t ever tap a razor into the basin. Tapping razor might destroy the razor blade.

Tapping might even loosen the component and decrease the precision because a razor is made of different components packed tightly and precisely.


Finally, you can place the razor in the shaving kit. The kit must be warm so that the razor you rinsed gets dried after some minutes. However, don’t ever leave the razor by facing its head down. By doing so, the metal gets rusted, and the life span of the razor gets shorter.

This is the first and basic method to clean razors. Furthermore, you will know the tips and precautions to make your razor long-lasting.

Unused Brush

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If the hair is sticking at the razor, it decreases the performance of the razor. Hair that gets stuck during the shave must be removed, and it can be done by using a brush. Normally, you can use an unused toothbrush.

Using a brush, you can swipe each corner of the razor such that even the small hair gets swiped up.


Alcohol prevents the razor from rusting. It increases the evaporation process and displaces the water quickly. It also lubricates the razor which makes your shaving experience better mainly by decreasing nicks and cuts.

How to apply alcohol in a razor?

  • You can take a jar filled with alcohol.
  • You can dip the razor into that jar until your next shave.

Doing so also prevents infection.


You can also apply oil to increase the lifespan of the razor. Oil lubricates the razor and resists it from rust. You can use any oil including Almond oil, olive oil or any household oil.

How to apply oil in a razor?

  • For this, you can use a towel or cotton.
  • Drop some oil into it.
  • Gently tap it on the blade.

Note: Don’t wipe the blade across the towel. It might decay the sharpness of the blade.

These are the perfect ways to clean your razor. The way of cleaning all razors is almost the same. However, the safety razor is designed in such a way that, there is more vulnerability of sticking hair to it. You can clean this razor by following ways:

How to clean the safety razor after shaving?

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  • As soon as you are done with shaving, you can loosen up the head and run it under tap water which flushes the hair inside it.
  • You can now tighten up the head and give a stroke in your arm in an upward direction – not in the downward direction. It sharpens the blade to make it long-lasting.
  • For an intense cleaning, you can detach the entire razor and clean it with water.
  • You can now check the sharpness of the blade. If the blade is dull, you can dispose of it and can rather use the new one.

Related Questions

How To Sharpen razor blade?

Some razors come along with the non-detachable blade. You can’t change the blade in those razors. The only possible way to work is to sharpen it out or to use the new razor. You can’t buy new razors often however you can sharpen it. The best way to sharpen the blade is:

  • You can either use skin or jeans.
  • Hold the razor and move it in an upward direction. It partly increases the sharpness of the blade.

Note: Don’t move your razor in shaving direction for sharping your blade. It will rather shave your hair.

How To Disinfect a razor?

The best way to disinfect a razor is by using alcohol. After finishing your shave, you can clean the razor and dip it into the alcohol until next shave. This surely prevents an infection.

Note: Never share the razor. This is the main cause of infection.

Final Words

Rinse, shake and store is the best method to clean a razor. You can also use a toothbrush, oil, and alcohol to aid in the sanitization of a razor.

Cleaning a razor consequently after shaving provides to give a clean and close shave. Moreover, it prevents infection.

Don’t hesitate to clean your razor!

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