Open Comb Vs Closed Comb Safety Razor

open vs closed comb safety razors

Are you confused regarding the type of razor that you should choose?

Do not know the intricate details of the razor types?

If yes, there is no need to worry. I will today help you understand the primary difference between an open comb safety razor and the closed comb safety razor. Not only that, I will compare Open comb vs closed comb safety razor to help you understand which one is better.

Open comb vs closed comb safety razor:

I will compare these razor options on different parameters so that it is easy for you to choose the right one. Even if you do not know the basics of these razors, you need not worry. I will start right with the basics before going into the intricate details of these razors

  • Structure:

The first difference which you need to look at is the structure of the blade. When it comes to the open comb safety razor, it consists of blades that have a significant gap between them. Also, when using this razor, the blades directly get in touch with your skin. Due to this very reason, it provides an aggressive shaving experience.

On the other hand, when you look at the closed comb razor, it consists of a safety bar over the blade teeth. The distance between the blade teeth is also on the lower side. Moreover, the surface area of the teeth that touches your skin is minimal due to the safety bar. It means that the chances of any injury or aggressive shaving experience are considerably reduced.

As you can see, there is a stark difference between the construction qualities of both the safety razors.

  • User-friendliness:

Are you wondering which one is easy to use?

The answer is that the close comb safety razor is easy to use due to the safety measures which it offers. Also, since the blade area that comes in contact with your skin is pretty limited, the chances of a cut or injury occurring are on the lower side. Even if you have limited experience when it comes to shaving, you can avoid injury by using these razors.

On the other hand, if you have immense experience in shaving, you can go for the open comb razor. The advantage is that you get a close shaving experience. Also, it provides complete control over the shaving experience, which means that if you want to customize your beard look, the open comb safety razor is the one which you should consider.

  • Experience:

The open comb safety razor is the perfect option for you if you want to have a close shaving experience. It allows you to shave off most of your hair and gives you a completely clean shave. It means that you need not worry about shaving again in the next few days. However, this comes at the risk of suffering from bruises or cuts. The large surface area means that you have to be very careful when using these razors.

Closed comb razor, on the other hand, has a certain threshold to shave the hair. Thus, you will experience a stubble pretty soon when using a closed comb safety razor. If you do not mind that minuscule beard hair and want to go for a relaxed and comfortable shaving experience, the closed safety razor is the one for you.

  • Compatibility:

The applications of both the razor types are different. That is why; you have to check the compatibility as well before taking a call.

The open comb safety razor is a good option when you have a long beard and are aiming to achieve a clean shave. The larger blade area ensures that you can shave the long hair quickly, and the aggressive shaving experience ensures that you need not repeat the entire shaving process. You can get the desired results in a single attempt. It is one of the prime reasons why I often use the open comb safety razor just before meetings or formal events.

The close comb safety razor, on the other hand, is suitable when you have stubble or shorter beard hair. In that case, it can provide you with almost the same experience.

  • Cost:

The comparison of open comb versus closed comb safety razor cannot be complete without looking at the cost of both these razors. The factor matters a lot when you’re on a budget.

I, for one, was surprised when I checked out the prices of both. I thought the open comb safety razor might be more expensive. However, that was not the case. The open comb safety razor starts at as low as $ 25. That is why; finding one with the affordable range is quite easy.

On the other hand, due to the safety bar and intricate blade teeth, the cost of a closed comb safety razor starts at around $ 37 or so. That is why, when you compare them head to head, you will realize that the closed comb safety razor is more expensive. However, the one which you choose is dependent on a few other factors as well in addition to the price. If you’re cost-conscious while buying these razors, the closed comb one is more expensive than the open comb safety razor.

  • Efficiency:

You might be thinking, what exactly do I mean by efficiency?

Efficiency refers to the number of times you would have to move the blade over a single idea to get a clean shave. In this department, open comb safety razor wins hands down. It provides a close shaving experience, and therefore you need not go over the same area again and again.

If you want precise shave with the help of a closed comb safety razor, you would have to move it over the same area again and again. You have to keep this factor in mind and then choose the safety razor. It is one of the reasons why I go with the open comb safety razor.

Which one should you choose?

It ultimately boils down to this. Once you have gone through the above factors, you know more than enough about both the safety razors. The option which you should choose depends on your personal preference.

If you’re new to shaving your beard, you cannot help but go for the closed comb safety razor. It will help you avoid cuts as well as any injuries. However, you have to keep in mind that the closed comb safety razor is more expensive as well. That is why, if you’re on a strict budget, it may not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if your preference is to save time and get the precise shave, it is better to go with the open comb safety razor. It will provide you with a close shaving experience, but you have to be pretty careful while using this razor. The choice of the razor depends on you rather than the attributes of the safety razors themselves.


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