Awesome Facts About Black People With Blonde Hair( With Photos )

black women with blonde hair facts

Have you come across black people with blonde hair?

They are uncommon. However, their percentage is increasing gradually. Consequently, if you observe carefully, you will come across at least a few of them in public places at some or other times. If you watch closely, the highest concentration of such people is in Europe and Oceania region.

With each passing generation, however, they are spreading geographically as well.

Have you ever wondered what helps them get blonde hair in spite of black skin color? I will today share with you facts about it. Once you go through the facts listed below, knowing more about them and their origin will be easy.

Black People with Blonde Hair Facts

facts about black people with blonde hair

1. Origin:

Black people with blonde hair usually have European ancestry or ancestry from the Oceania region. That is where the mutation of the genes started.

In today’s world, such people can be found all over the world. However, when you trace back their ancestry, you will realize that they come from these two regions. Therefore, the reason individuals having these physical traits is pretty clear.

2. Single Difference: Why Do Melanesians have Blonde Hair?

The occurrence of blonde hair and dark-skinned people happens with just a single genetic variant. It occurs when the gene by the name of TYRP1 is present in the 9th chromosome.

The mutation in this gene impacts the amount of melanin in the body. Melanin is responsible for the color of the eyes and hair. After extensive research, it has been proven that this is the only gene that impacts the body’s pigmentation.

The gene is also responsible for people with blue eyes. The gene also states that black people with blonde hair have the same ancestors dating back to 6000 to 10,000 years.

The research was done on people from the Solomon Islands. The reason that Sample was chosen is that up to 10% of the island natives were black people with blonde hair. The percentage was uncommonly high in people from the island.

After the research, it was concluded that the ancestors of such individuals are either in Europe or Oceania region. Once the samples were taken from these people, the gene was discovered.

3. Probability of Occurrence:

Black people usually have black hair. Black people rarely have hair of any other color. It is because the skin becomes dark with the excessive quantity of melanin in the body. Melanin is also responsible for hair color.

In very rare occurrences, it so happens that the melanin is present in ample quantities in the skin but not in the hair.

The percentage of black people with blonde hair is often less than 1%. That, too, only individuals sharing a common ancestry have this personality trait.

With every passing generation, the number of black people with blonde hair is going up gradually. However, the increment is not significant. Due to this reason, even today, black people with blonde hair are uncommon.

Globalization has propelled the dispersal of such individuals all over the globe. Earlier, they were concentrated only in the European and Oceania region. These days, you can find them all over the world.

With less than 1% of the black individuals having blonde hair, the combination is pretty rare.

4. Hair Color Can Change:

Black individuals having blonde hair color are pretty rare to start with. However, blonde hair does not always remain blonde. As the level of melanin increases in their body, blonde hair can turn black. That is why; it all depends on the amount of natural pigment available in their body.

The change happens before their 10th birthday. It is assumed that at least half the kids born with blonde hair get dark hair by their 10th birthday. In that case, they lose this personality trait.

Now that you know most facts about dark-skinned people with blonde hair, we will answer some of the FAQs revolving around the same.

Does Black Blondes Have a Specific Eye Color?

No particular eye color is associated with individuals having such a trait.

Can I increase the probability of my kids having Blonde hair in addition to dark skin?

No, it is a natural trait. You cannot increase the probability of your kids having blonde hair and dark skin.

Does exposure to sunlight have an impact on this Genetic Trait?

Earlier, it was believed that exposure to sunlight plays an essential role in achieving this genetic trait. However, studies in recent times have stated that it is just because of a gene’s presence. The presence of the gene is not dependent on the sunlight. Due to this very reason, there is no association of this trait to exposure to sunlight.

Does any diet combination lead to this personality trait?

Since people around the Oceania region were known to have such a personality trait, it was believed that the nutrients and fish (their staple diet) had some part to play. However, after extensive research, it was noted that food does not play any role in such a personality trait. It is merely the presence of a gene that causes this personality trait and not anything else.

Do all of them lose blonde shade as they grow?

Not all of them will lose the blonde color as they grow. Only half the kids can lose the blonde hair color as they grow. It all depends on the level of melanin in their body. When the level of melanin increases drastically, then only they lose the blonde hair color. Otherwise, they can retain it.

The capacity of the body to produce melanin depends on a variety of different factors.

Now that you are aware of all there is to know about black people with blonde hair, the next time around you spot them, do not be surprised. In this era of globalization, people with this personality trait are spreading all over the globe. Therefore, you should not get surprised to find such individuals on every continent. However, still, the probability of this personality trait is 1% or less. That is why; it is a pretty rare combination to have.

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