Why BTS Don’t Have Beard?

why bts member dont have beard

BTS has a cute-looking babyface. They are adorable and look younger perhaps their age. Can’t BTS grow a beard?

Why BTS doesn’t have a beard?


The aversion of Korean men with a beard has been going on for a pretty long. Due to this very reason, genetics are changed as well. Korean men simply do not have the genetics to grow thick beards.

The genetic difference ensures that even if BTS try to grow a beard, it will not be as thick as their Western counterparts. Since then, beard hair does not look good enough; most BTS stay away from growing beards.

bts beard

While there are a few products to thicken beard hair but they are not that effective. You cannot make very thin beard hair grow into thick beard hair just by applying the cream or lotion.

In fact, most BTS s genetics is such that they will not grow consistent beard hair either. There will be gaps in their beards. Due to this very reason, they cannot go ahead and grow long beards.

The genetic difference between the BTS as well as their counterparts in the west is another reason they do not grow beards.


Culturally, being clean-shaven in Korea is a sign of sharpness and youth. Young Korean men with facial hair are often assumed to be unsanitary and dishevelled. However, this is not only attributed to younger men. Many older Korean men with beards are regarded as “eccentric” or “poor”.

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Younger audience

The younger audience follows BTS. This audience wants them to look younger. Shaving keeps them look younger and provides a more youthful vibe.

Korean Beauty Standard

bts having beard

Despite the evolving standards of healthy masculinity in the Western world, men being conscious of their looks have been generally regarded as feminine and undesirable. Whereas in Korea, most women prefer clean-shaven men because it is a sign that the man takes care of himself and his appearance.

The Western world defines masculinity with completely different traits: strength, ruggedness, and roughness. While many of these standards are now understood as toxic to both men and women – men are now encouraged to show their vulnerabilities more – the large, rough, hairy look is still a strong contender on the sex-appeal chart. The evidence for this can be seen in how much of a heartthrob Jason Momoa is.

However, the Western standards of male desirability aren’t exclusive to just that side of the world. Korean women have claimed that while they prefer their own men clean-shaven, they find foreign men with well-groomed beards very attractive.

 Unkempt Grooming Perceptions

In the west and other countries globally, a well-grown beard can be considered as grooming. In fact, there are men’s beard grooming products available as well. However, when it comes to BTS, the beard is not the same.

In fact, if you grow a beard, you are thought to be unkempt (as we stated above). Consequently, even BTS who try to groom themselves regularly does not opt for growing a beard due to the same reason. It is one of the primary reasons why the BTS doesn’t have beards.

As you can see, the phenomena of avoiding beards are deep-rooted in Korea. For this reason, BTS does not even attempt to go against this dogma.

Their Appearance is their popularity.

bts with beard

Is BTS popular because of their beard? Of course not, but because of their adorable babyface. To have a baby-looking face, they don’t grow a beard.

Even if they can grow a beard, they remove it.

The influence of media

The Korean media has also strengthened the idea of beardlessness as a standard of beauty. BTS which are at the forefront of male media fashion, almost all sport clean-shaven faces.

The boyish, clean-shaven faces of these single young BTS are also used as a tool to market them as “boyfriend ideals”, which not only plays to current cultural standards but strengthens them as well.

In Korean media, being clean-shaven is also a symbol of stability and success. In many Korean dramas, a man grows a rough unkempt beard as he hits rock bottom and starts living on drugs and alcohol. And when he gets up and decides to get his life back on track, he dons a sharp suit and shaves his face clean.

Subtle messages like these propagated through media market cultural values and have a very strong impact on what people like and dislike.


BTS doesn’t have a beard because

  • BTS  are appreciated for their baby-looking faces. Beard removes that image.
  • Most women like them without a beard.
  • Most BTS have sparse beards. Even if they can have a beard, they look mean.
  • Culturally, they can’t grow beards because those who are having beard are regarded as eccentric and poor

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