What Countries Don’t Shave Pubic Hair?

country that dont shave pubic hair

Pubic hair looks gross, but still, people are growing it.

Countries That Don’t Shave Pubic Hair.

Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, India, and Nepal don’t shave their pubic hair. Other European countries like Germany and France don’t shave their pubic hair. But it is before the 90s. It has now become a standard.

In a survey of 1000 Japanese women aged between 20 to 69, it is found that 53% of women grow thick pubic hair. 26%  of the women remove the hair outside the bikini line. 23.6% trimmed the hair shorter. 7% removed hair up to their genital region. 5.5% removed hair up to their anal area.

Accord to smh,

Koreans are transplanting hair in their private parts

Asians do love pubic hair.

Why Chinese/Japanese/Koreans Don’t Shave Their Pubic Hair?

Culture Doesn’t Allow Them To Shave.

Pubic hair is related to their fertility and sexual health.

A Chinese philosopher Confucious believes hair is sacred.

According to the filial pity book, we shouldn’t injure our body, skin, and hair that we received from our parents. It makes an impression not to shave their pubic hair.

In Japan, the public bath culture ”Hadaka No Tsukiai” increases the need for pubic hair. Additionally, during the Edo period, Japanese prostitutes use to shave their pubic hair. They allow to grow it now to not to be associated with prostitutes.

Pubic Hair is A Sign of Maturity

Pubic hair is a sign of adulthood.  Those who shave have a childish look. During ancient times, it is considered that those who have pubic hair is ready to born a baby.

Pubic Hair Still Has Some purpose.

It is related to evolution. In ancient times, most of our bodies are covered by fur. Gradually it disappeared except for some of our important parts like eyebrows, armpits, and pubic area. Thus, it still has some purpose!

You can judge the age of japanese women by the length of their pubic hair.

Men do prefer pubic hair.

Pubic hair smells, and the men really love the smell of it. According to vice, there is also a trend of selling dirty underwear to earn extra cash.

More Hair more Pheromone

The pubic area releases an odor that contains a pheromone that attracts the opposite sex. Pubic hair traps odor – since moisture attaches to hair makes the pheromone even stronger.

It takes time to shave pubic hair.

Shaving pubic hair takes time. The area is delicate, and making mistakes while shaving causes nicks and cuts. It can cause infection. Additionally, the post-shaving experience is also bad. The stubble hair will be itchy and ingrown hair can cause pain.

Religion prohibits them from shaving pubic hair.

People are religiously bounded not to shave. Sikhs, either men or women, aren’t allowed to shave.

Guru wants us to stay as God made us.

They honor their hair as God’s greatest gift.

Is it normal not to shave pubic hair?

It is normal. We are living with it for a long without shaving. But advertisement lures us to shave it. Whatsoever the reason, if you are growing pubic hair, you need to cleanse it properly. I suggest you wash it daily.

Some of the reasons not to shave pubic hair are:

  • Shaving your private area with a razor increases the risk of infection.
  • Your genital will burn. It will be itchy red, and irritated.
  • It increases the risk of STD
  • You may suffer from contact dermatitis

What Happens if you don’t shave pubic hair?

If you don’t shave pubic hair

  • It can produce a fault smell if you don’t wash it daily
  • It can increase the risk of infection
  • Your pubic area may look childish

Shave Or Don’t shave pubic hair

If you don’t wash your pubic hair properly, I suggest you shave it. Otherwise, having pubic hair is no problem at all.

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Do guys shave pubic hair?

Guys do shave pubic hair. According to the American Journal of Men’s health, 50.5% reported regular manscaping. Out of those who groom, 90% remove hair from front and center, and more than half remove hair from the scrotum and shaft.

Celebrities who don’t shave their pubic hair

Ashley Graham

In one of the interviews with glamour, she said she completely stopped Brazilians! Am I the only one with bush?

Gwyneth Paltrow

In an interview with Ellen De Generes, she said she would never be a person scrambling for a razor.

Emma Watson

In an interview with Into the glass, she said she would use the Fur oil from the end of her hair to her eyebrows to her pubic hair.

Cameron Diaz

She loves pubic hair. She has dedicated an entire chapter, “In praise of pubes,” in her The Body book.

Solange Knowles

According to Solange Knowles, “The person who created bikini wax was an evil.”


The countries that don’t shave pubic hair are:

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korean
  • Nepal
  • India
  • France
  • Netherland

Not all citizens of these countries keep pubic hair. Some shave it while some keep it to grow long. It is all up to their personal preference!

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