Does Shaving Hairy Bum Reduce Sweat – How To Get Rid Of It?

does shaving your bum reduce sweat

Do you have a hairy butt? It sweats, right. It’s ok if it only sweats, but the problem arises during the summer. Due to sweat, it imprints a sweaty mark down your buttcrack on your cloth. It’s obnoxious and embarrassing. So, in this post, I will discuss how you can reduce sweat between your butt cheeks!

Does shaving hairy bum reduce sweat? If you have bushy hair in between your butt cheeks, it will definitely help to alleviate some amount of sweat. But, if you have thin hair, then even shaving couldn’t relieve it. But it keeps you hygienic.

Cause of Sweating

Do you know why you sweat? To know about it, you first need to know about glands. There are two types of glands on your body, i.e., apocrine gland and eccrine gland.

Eccrine gland secrets odorless mixture of water and salt from your body that balances body temperature. Whereas Apocrine gland secrets the identical thing from your body but containing the stinky smell. Fortunately, down there in your bum, there is only the Eccrine gland.

Thus, it only sweats but won’t smell.

When you sweat

how to get rid of butt crack hair

There are different situations and causes of sweating.

  • You will sweat when the outside temperature is high, like in summer. Basically, what will happen is that due to the high temperature outside, your body temperature also increases. And to balance out the heat in your body, it releases sweat.
  • You will also sweat due to nervousness and anxiety as well.
  • You will also sweat while doing exercises too.
  • If you wear thick fabrics, it will also cause sweating.

How Do I Stop My Bum To Reduce sweating?

  • Shaving

The very first way to reduce sweat is by trimming your butt crack hair. Although you shave, it won’t create a profound impact; perhaps it will help you to reduce it in a tiny amount.

My suggestion behind shaving butt crack hair is also because it keeps you clean and healthy.

Due to sweat, moisture gets trapped in between your buttcrack. As a result of it, you might suffer from bacterial infection. Meanwhile, trimming keeps you away from infection.

  • Powder

You can dab baby powder as well in between your bum cheek to reduce sweat. It absorbs moisture and keeps it dry.

If you feel itchiness, you can use medicated body powder. It reduces heat and also prevents fungus.

  • Using thin Cotton Fabrics

You need to wear fabrics that offer airflow in your bum for drying out the dampness. Thus, I suggest you wear cotton fabrics because it is natural and on top can absorb moisture.

  • Stand Up

If you sit tightly in one place for a long time, airflow in your bum reduces. As a result, you will sweat. Therefore, you need to stand up walk here and there for a few minutes that maintains airflow down there.

  • Wipe it

If you feel like you are sweating, you need to rush towards the bathroom and gently wipe it with butt wipes. Wiping your butt  absorbs sweat and keeps it dry.

Note: While wiping, don’t scrub it because it might cause irritation!

What Not To Do

  • Don’t wear fabrics of polyester and leather

If you wear fabrics of polyester and leather, you will definitely sweat more because these fabrics won’t absorb sweat. Additionally, wearing leather pants completely blocks the airflow passage in your bum. As a result, moisture stays still and causes itchiness and fungal infection.

  • Don’t use Underarm Deodrants

hairy buttcrack

I have also found that most people using armpit deodorant down their butt cheek. It works for some time, but I don’t recommend using it because these deodorants have a strong fragrance, and using such fragrance in delicate skin causes irritation. But I can suggest you cleanse it regularly with water. And after cleansing, you wipe it with a towel to keep it dry.

Problems Caused By sweating in your bum.

Sweating arises many problems in your butt.

  • Firstly it keeps you unhygienic. Moreover, you will feel itchiness, followed by a fungal infection.
  • If you don’t cleanse it properly for a long time, it will produce a fault smell.
  • You will see redness in your bum, and if you don’t use proper medication, it can cause irritation and swelling.

If the condition gets severe, immediately consult with the physicians.

Some FAQs

Why do we have hair on our bum?

There is no exact-fact why we do have hair on our bum. Hair grows at different parts of our body, but it is more likely to grow at a sensitive part during adolescence.  Everyone has hair on their bum; some have less some have more, but you can’t neglect it.

How do you get rid of bum hair?

There are different ways to get rid of bum hair. The first one is shaving. Yes, you can shave it. But you must shave it with care. However, even taking care while shaving some problems arises, but you can deal with it.

  • Irritation – Bum is a delicate part. Thus shaving can cause irritation. To get rid of it, you can use witch hazels. Read How to trim pubic hair without itchiness
  • Nicks and cuts – These are the common problems while shaving. If you shave your bum, you will surely cut your skin.
  • Ingrown hair – Another common problem is ingrown hair. To prevent it, I suggest you shave the hair in the same direction. Never go against the grain.

If you can’t shave your hair, here are some other alternatives



Yes, shaving can reduce some tiny amount of sweating. But don’t think that it will completely reduce it. Sweating is a natural phenomenon to balance your body temperature. Thus, you can only expect it but can’t control it.

If you shave hair around your bum, it will boost your cleansing process. Not only that, but it also prevents bacteria and keeps you away from bad odor.

Thus, I suggest you keep your bum clean.

I hope you will like this post, Does Shaving Hairy Bum Reduce Sweat. If you have any queries, feel free to contact BestgroomingTips.

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