Does Using Hair Gel Damage Your Hair?

is gel bad for natural hair

Men especially use hair gel for styling hair. Applying a scoop of gel and styling the hair can help you achieve any hairstyle you like. Yet, one-third of men won’t use it, thinking that it will destroy their hair. So, in this post, we will discuss hair gel and its benefits and effect.

Does using hair gel damage your hair? Using a good quality gel won’t damage your hair. It contains essential ingredients like beeswax oil, distilled water, conditioner, and other essential oil… Despite damage, it provides a wet and sleek look to your hair.

Hair gel contains natural ingredients, which are the most necessary ingredients to condition your hair. Yet, the impact of quality and the cheap gel doesn’t remain the same. You must keep a distance from using a cheap quality gel. It might destroy your hair.

Why do most people think gel will degrade their hair?

does hair gel damage your hair


They don’t use it properly.

Do you know how to use hair gel? Most people don’t, and those people who are saying gel degrades hair is because they are applying it to the scalp. They rub it harshly to get the best outcome. It indeed gives the best result but for a short time.

The result of applying it to the scalp produces flakes and greasiness.

For that to overcome, you need to apply it gently only in your hair. Once you are done, never play with your hair. And remember, wash it properly before going to bed.

They over apply it.

Over applying gel into your hair for an effective result is bizarre. It damages your hair for sure and turns it into dry, brittle, and greasy hair.

Therefore, instead of taking a thick scoop of gel, you just need to take a thin scoop and apply it. The fewer scoops, the better will be the result.

It doesn’t matter how thick gel you apply to your hair; the result is always the same. If you put thick gel, there is more probability of it going in the scalp and henceforth the worst result.

They brush hair after it gets dried.

Once you apply gel – style it and leave it. I suggest you that never touch your hair again – once you style it. Some people style it again and again, and they don’t care about it.

Do you know what will happen if you brush your hair after it gets dried? It literally turns hair into a bad condition. And the result is brittle and greasy hair.

So, how can you brush your hair? The only way to brush it is by wetting it. However, I highly recommend you not to touch your hair once you styled it.

They don’t wash it.

If you use gel, you must wash your hair. Because the gel contains different ingredients(chemical and natural) and if you don’t wash it for a week once you apply it – what do you think will be the result? The result is bad, right!

So, you apply the gel in the morning, and you need to wash it in the evening before going to bed. You can use shampoo to wash your hair.

Apparently, you can also wash your hair with water only, but it won’t remove all the chemicals present in your hair.

They Use Low-Quality gel.

The quality gel contributes to putting your hair in good or bad shape. The cheap gel always put it in bad shape, while the good quality gel makes your hair wet and put it in good shape.

Why so? Because low-quality gel contains alcohol and paraben. And the use of alcohol(don’t think that all alcohols are bad) and paraben degrades your hair.

There is also good alcohol, which keeps your hair hydrated.

Some of the good alcohol are:

  • Lauryl alcohol
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Myristyl alcohol
  • Stearyl alcohol

However, short-chain alcohol or drying alcohols are bad for your hair. It evaporates quickly so that it reduces the time it takes for a product to dry once applied. As a result, it turns your hair dry and frizzy.

Note: I recommend that you use the gel that contains no alcohol.

How to avoid damage while using hair gel?

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash
  • Better wet your hair and gently apply a thin scoop of gel to your hair.
  • Don’t rub it on your scalp.
  • Make a genuine hairstyle. Don’t change it frequently.
  • Wash your hair properly.

Some Frequently Asked Question:

Is it bad to use hair gel every day?

Yes, it is bad to use hair gel every day. The chemicals present in it might make your hair dry and dull. However, if you are washing it daily, it won’t harm your hair.

Does hair gel cause hair loss?

Hair gel never causes hair loss. But it may produce flakes if not applied properly. You need to apply gel only to your hair, not on your scalp.

Is sleeping with hair gel in your hair bad?

Yes, it is bad to sleep with hair gel on. You must wash it before going to bed.

What are the benefits of hair gel?

  • You can style your hair.
  • Hair gel contains organic ingredients that help to put your hair in good condition.
  • Hair gel also helps to provide temporary color.

Which hair gel is best for hair?

Garnier Fructis Style Spike Explosion Power Gel, 9 Fluid Ounce

Garnier Fructis Style Spike Explosion Power Gel

I would like to recommend Garnier Fructis hair gel because it is made more of natural ingredients. The hold of this gel is strong, and above all, it prevents flakes.


Hair gel helps to achieve any hairstyle you like but styling it frequently might harm it.

Before styling, you need to wet your hair. The gel works more effectively with wet hair because the concentration amalgamated in the gel is patched up effectively with it. And the result you will get is insane – you will get a sleek look for sure.

However, using gel affects your hair unless you follow certain criteria like checking the quality of gel, washing hair, amount of gel you apply to your hair…

If you have any doubts regarding gel, feel free to ask about it.

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