10 Best Hair Straightener For Men

best hair straightener for men

Men are entitled to the use of hair tools just as much as women in the modern era. As men’s grooming takes precedence, so does the use of hair tools like straighteners. Unless you’ve trimmed your hair short or have naturally straight hair, you are bound to use straighteners to get that perfect look.

So, what are the best hair straighteners for men! It is the one that adapts to the texture of hair additionally providing silky and shiny hair.

Quintessential Info about Hair Straighteners

why men straighten their hair

Here are some highlights about using hair straighteners and why these products are suited for men too:

1. Why should you use mini hair straighteners?

Let’s admit it, not all of us have flawless straight hair. I share your concern in that regard. But we don’t have to miss out on grooming options because of that. Hair straighteners for men are often designed with special 0.5” plates, or smaller, that smoothly straighten all the curls in your hair. These tools save you the hassle of having to tolerate the heat of blowers or having to put on wax and ruin your hair’s appeal.

Imagine spending over an hour putting on wax and slowly correcting your hair and then getting those kinks back in minutes? Frustrating isn’t it? Well, fret no more, because hair straighteners for men are designed to save your time and effort and to give you a perfect finish. So if you’re running on a tight schedule, which we all are, then you really ought to get one of these. They’ll get you in shape in no time and ensure that the look lasts.

2. Hair straighteners – getting the prerequisites right

Care is vital when using a hair straightener, we don’t want fried up hair now do we? Every appliance has its limitations and must be used accordingly. Hair straighteners require certain prerequisites to operate optimally and you must ensure that you tick me off before starting. The first thing you’ll need is a heat resistant barrier spray, this spray will keep your hair safe from heat damage.

Hair is chiefly built from keratin, a fibrous protein. Like all proteins, keratin will become distorted at high temperatures, and hence your hair will be ruined. Never turn the heat settings to maximum, it will ruin your hair, instead use at moderate power and with the spray. One more thing, never vest your efforts on a single area over and over, that will also stress out your hair protein. Be done with it in one or two actions.

3. How to use a hair straightener correctly on men’s hair?

Using a hair straightener is easy, believe me. You’ll love the experience once you get a hang of it. But there are some general guidelines to follow first:

  • Straighteners are only meant for use on dry hair so avoid using them on wet hair at all costs
  • Plug it in and switch it on
  • Set the machine at a low temperature first
  • Allow the machine to heat up
  • Place some of your hair in between the two plates and then pull the machine, with plates closed, from root to tip
  • Don’t overdo it, your hair must not be placed in to for more than a few seconds
  • Once you are done, apply a gel or wax to style your hair
  • Switch the machine off and store it safely

Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners for Men

Here are our picks for the best hair straighteners for men in 2020:

1. Ghd Platinum Plus Hair Straightener

ghd Platinum Hair Styler

Ghd’s Platinum Plus hair straightener for men stands out as a strong competitor on this list. This model has been aptly nicknamed as the world’s first smart hair straightener. Its ultra-zone technology has made the machine sensitive to your hair’s texture. This means that it will predict the required heat level to optimally straighten your hair without damaging it. The machine retains your hair’s shiny and slick nature, by as much as 20 percent, as advertised. It also cuts down on the time required for grooming. The 12 seconds heat up time is also very impressive and makes the machine powerful enough to get the job done, but as noted earlier, it is gentle. It adapts to the user’s hair texture and provides a personalized grooming experience with minimal damage. Without a doubt, the model is worth every cent they charge for it.


  • Smart hair straightener for men with ultra-zone technology
  • Adapts according to the user’s hair texture
  • Retains up to 20 percent more shine and slickness of hair after operation
  • Cuts down time taken for grooming
  • Requires only 12 seconds to heat up

2. Remington Proluxe Hair Straightener

S9100 Hair Straightener

Remington has landed its own candidate to solve your hair straightening problem. The proluxe model is stronger and gentler than its contemporaries. It moves more towards the professional side of the spectrum rather than DIY but will serve your everyday needs just fine. It offers a five times smoother hair grooming experience and retains the shine and slickness of your hair after operation.

It comes with nine temperature settings, which top at a whopping 230 degrees, however, 185 is the optimal spot for most of your hair problems. Though it does take longer than some professional models to get the work done but in its price range, it serves its purpose well. It heats up in 10 seconds, which is faster than Ghd, and works smoothly too. Getting it to your hair roots might require some elbow grease but that’s just a small effort for excellent results.


  • Professionally oriented model
  • Heats up in 10 seconds, faster than Ghd
  • Retains the silkiness, slickness and shine of your hair
  • It can take temperatures up to 230 degrees, although 185 is ideal for most cases
  • It is more economic than other models with such abilities

3. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

If you are familiar with other Dyson products then you will be expecting two things from this product: high quality and a big price tag. You are correct in assuming both. Dyson Corrale is equipped with copper alloy plates which do not damage your hair as much as ordinary hair straighteners do. The hair retains their original beauty by as much as 50 percent after operation. You’ll love using this machine for two reasons: firstly, it has a larger plate span, meaning that it will cover more area in one go. Secondly, it needs to be only swiped once over your lock to get the work done. So if you’re on a tight schedule or need to groom your hair every day, this is the machine for you.

Power and performance are key to its perfection. The machine can take temperatures as high as 210 degrees but works just fine around 165. Another attractive and unique feature of the machine is that it is wireless. This means that you can straighten up your hair without any hassle and at any place in your home. Wireless machines are also easily manoeuvrable and hence work better than their corded counterparts. However, for such a huge repertoire of features, the machine does demand its fair share of money too. But if you want to invest once in something unparalleled and excellent, nothing is keeping you from claiming Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener.


  • The machine is equipped with copper alloy plates
  • It reduces damage to hair by 50% and retains their slickness and shine
  • Plate span is large and needs to be swiped over hair only once to get the job done
  • Peak temperature is 210 degrees but the machine will work fine at 165 too
  • Wireless built allows the machine to be more maneuverable
  • It is a bit expensive but worth every cent or penny

4. BaByliss 9000 cordless hair straightener

BaByliss is another game changer and trendsetter in the hair straightening business. The machine is ultra-smooth and functional. With a 30-40 minutes of battery timing in return for 2-3 hours of charging time, the machine is excellent for those seeking to free themselves from restraints. It offers three settings for straightening. It is best to operate moderately. Since the plates are ultra-thin and smoother than most conventional straighteners, the machine works flawlessly and generates excellent results.

The wireless design also affords freedom of styling to you, letting you unleash your grooming potential. It easily accesses the hard-to-reach points and provides you with an awesome self-styling experience. Another great selling point is the ability to form curls, so if you ever feel like it, you can try that too. BaByliss 9000 plays a jingle sound while heating up which only takes 10 seconds, can be charged magnetically, has a sleep mode, and saves time.


  • Offers three heating settings
  • Cordless model
  • Can form curls as well as straighten
  • Plays a jingle while heating up
  • Sleep mode and magnetic charging ability included

5. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaByliss strikes once again with its PRO Nano Titanium Mini model. This hair straightener is lightweight, compact, and effective. It is cordless and hence battery operated, allowing you to use it with ease and at your leisure. It is a mini model, with a width of 1″, making it ideal for reaching hard to access points and delivering a thorough styling experience. The titanium technology also comes in handy by giving you a smooth and frizz-free finish.


  • Mini model, ideal for reaching tough to access spots
  • Titanium technology avoids frizzling
  • Cordless model

6. CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic 

Chi, an offshoot of the leading company: Ghd, prioritizes qualities just like the latter. They have put forward a mini model to serve your needs and to act with versatility. Not only does the machine straighten your hair like a charm, but it will also wave it or give it a flick if you feel like it. Its ionic technology also preserves the smoothness of your hair and prevents fizziness. With an ergonomic design, the product is very comfortable to use and serves its purpose flawlessly.


  • It can wave and flick your hair, besides straightening them, if you want to
  • Its ionic technology protects your hair from damage
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use

7. GHD Classic Hair Straighteners

Ghd is the leading brand in hair straightening products and their mini models are worth trying. They are best suited for longer hair, i.e. shoulder length or chin length. They were the first ones to incorporate ceramic technology and have excelled at doing so. Not only do these models prevent hair damage, but they can also make curls if you want them to. Fast heat-up times and effective performance, coupled with a solid 2-year warranty is sure to knock those kinks right off your hair.


  • Pioneers in ceramic technology
  • Prevent hair damage
  • Two-year warranty

7. Huachi Hair Straightener Rechargeable Mini Flat Iron

Huachi’s 8″ mini model is more than just a hair straightener. It is a versatile hair groomer that you can take on the go. It is a cordless, battery-powered, USB port-chargeable model with a strong lithium battery. It offers multiple heat settings to help you customize your grooming experience and its infra-red technology preserves the smoothness of your hair. It also has a unique massage feature that stimulates the scalp and enhances the strength of your hair.


  • Battery-powered & USB port-chargeable
  • Uses infrared technology to protect your hair
  • Massages the scalp to stimulate it

8. CROC Baby Professional Mini Travel Iron

This mini model is the smallest on the list, measuring at a feeble 0.625″ wide. But let not its small size deceive you, it carries a solid punch. The machine is designed for short hair and offers a professional/salon-grade level of excellence. It grasps the hair from the root and grooms them gently. The model is chargeable and can be carried easily, it comes with a carry case to facilitate you in that area. Since male hair is prone to drying up and falling off, the CROC Baby Professional Mini model ensures that your hair remains perfectly hydrated and does not suffer from the grooming treatment. It also has a fast heat up and strong action potential, saving up your valuable time and effort.


  • Smallest mini hair straightener in the market, only 0.625” wide
  • Ideal for short hair, can reach the roots easily
  • It locks the moisture of your hair so that they don’t dry up
  • It comes with a carry case to help you carry it with ease

9. NMISS Portable Plate Car Mini Travel Hair Straightener

The NMISS Portable Plate Car Mini model is ideal for travelers and others who spend considerable time on the road. It allows you to style your hair flawlessly on the go and is very affordable too. Consider this, you’re headed to a prospective client to make a sale, this is your first meeting. You can’t put enough value on the way your hair looks, that is one of the things that will make the first impression. Fret not, style up in the car, and then off you go! Its ionic technology is also very effective in protecting your hair’s integrity and it ensures that there are no kinks.


  • Portable model, can be operated from your car
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Ionic technology protects your hair

9. Jinri Titanium Plate 4/5” Mini Flat Iron

Jinri, much like CROC Baby, is another small-sized mini model with a width of 4/5″. This model is for you if you have short hair. It will reach your roots easily and thoroughly groom your hair. It heats up excellently and has a top temperature of 410 Fahrenheit, although that much is not required. It maintains a constant temperature throughout its titanium plates and saves up precious time while straightening your hair. It also ensures that your hair is not dehydrated and it is lightweight and easily portable.


  • Small model, just 4/5”, ideal for short hair
  • Prevents dehydration of hair
  • Titanium plates

10. KIPOZI 1” Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

KIPPOZI has also landed its candidate in the titanium category. Titanium is ideal for even-heating and ensures that your hair retains its moisture and does not denature. The model also excels in providing an LCD to help you monitor the temperature and use it likewise. It also comes with an auto shut off mechanism that prevents accidental burns on your counter. All in all, it is an excellent product that serves its function excellently and gives your hair an impressive finish.


  • Titanium plates prevent drying up of hair
  • LCD to monitor temperature
  • Auto shut off feature


Hair straighteners solve so many hassles related to our grooming needs. I appreciate the time and effort they save for me daily and how they help me make a lasting impression. All of these models are highly recommended but it comes to your preference and budget. If you have short hair then CROC Baby is ideal while for longer hair, Dyson Corrale will get the job done. For a more versatile option, GHD has some nice offers, but then again, the most important thing is what you want.

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