Bossman Brands Review: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Beard Needs

bossman beard review

The journey to find quality beard products is not an easy one, especially in today’s market where beard products (good and bad) are more abundant than ever before. From “miracle” beard growth balms to special capsules, the industry is flooded with a wide range of products promising the best solutions to all your facial hair problems and needs. But we know that most of the time, these product promises are just that—promises. That is why we have embarked on this journey to find trustworthy, reliable brands offering beard products that actually work.

First, let’s be clear about something: While there is an overwhelming amount of sketchy products out there, the truth is that there are good-quality beard products that genuinely work.

So, how do you differentiate between the two?

Unfortunately, there is no formula or secret to finding out what really works or not. The best way to discover effective products is through research such as reviews, word of mouth, etc. and through actual experience like using the products. However, we get that would take a lot of time and money, which is why we are here to help.

If you are trying to find the best beard growth oils, your safest bet would be to go to established brands with a solid customer base. And when it comes to those two factors, it’s hard to find a bigger brand than Bossman Brands.

Bossman Brands: What You Need to Know

Bossman is one of the most reputable names in the industry thanks to its premium quality formulas and comprehensive collection of beard and grooming products. The brand is best known for creating the world’s first beard jelly oil and for developing its signature “4-Stage Process,” which divides a complete beard care routine into four separate phases.

Bossman products are intended to help with every aspect of beard health, from growth and daily care to styling and conditioning. The best part is that their formulas are made with natural ingredients so that you know you are not subjecting your beard to harsh chemicals commonly used in many products.

Bossman Signature Products

Bossman currently offers over 20 product options for complete beard care. Furthermore, each product is available in six unique scents made for every occasion:  Magic, Stagecoach, Gold, Hammer, Naked, and Royal Oud. Each scent is formulated for a specific type of man and lifestyle, but you can read more about each scent here.

For this review, we focused on four of their best-selling flagship products: Bossman Beard Jelly Oil, Bossman Beard Supplements, Bossman Beard Conditioner, and Bossman Beard Pomade. Each of these products provides a unique set of benefits for beard care, so we recommend reading about them below. I must admit in advance, though; their reputation doesn’t lie. Bossman is definitely up there with the best, and it’s perhaps the best beard care brand today.

Here’s what you need to know about their most popular products:

  • Bossman Jelly Beard Oil ($15)

This is Bossman’s best-selling product and the one that made them a household name. This viscous,  jelly-like formula is made to promote growth, stimulate thickness, and keep your beard moisturized throughout the day. A personal favorite, Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil, is a well-balanced product that helps take care of the most essential beard needs. And because it’s made with natural ingredients like beeswax and avocado oil, it’s extremely gentle on the skin and leaves no greasy feeling or sticky residue behind. When used daily, this beard jelly can also help to eliminate dandruff, itching, and other common beard problems. If you are new to Bossman, or beard care in general, Jelly Beard Oil is definitely the best product with which to get started.

  • Bossman Beard Supplements ($20)

If your beard game is not where you want it to be, these beard capsules are the move. Each capsule is packed with a healthy dose of biotin and a unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that are vital for a strong and healthy beard. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules, which should be enough for you to start seeing visible results. I recommend these supplements for those who are just beginning to grow their beard or those who are serious about taking their beard health and appearance to the next level. Don’t expect miracles, though. Make sure to pair these up with a proper diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle for the best possible results.

  • Bossman Beard Conditioner ($15)

This smooth beard conditioner is as natural as beard conditioners come. It’s made with a soothing formula containing pure, plant-based ingredients such as avocado oil, mango butter, jojoba, aloe leaf, argan oil, and more. In addition to nourishing the hair, Bossman’s conditioner formula also targets follicles and pores to enhance the beard at its source. This helps set the foundation for stronger hairs and a fuller-looking beard. This conditioner is a great addition to any beard care routines, especially if you are looking for a more natural way to keep your beard looking and feeling more mature and hydrated.

  • Bossman Beard Pomade ($19.95)

Bossman’s beard pomade does more than just making your beard look its best. In addition to adding control, weight, and hold to your beard, this nourishing pomade also keeps it hydrated and feeling completely smooth. And, unlike artificial gels made with harsh chemicals, this formula is all-natural, so it doesn’t dry out, and it doesn’t damage your beard and skin. It’s the perfect choice to rock your favorite style without having your beard looking greasy or feeling hard to the touch.

Final Takeaway

There is no question that Bossman products are superior to most brands available today. Not only are their formulas more natural and healthier for your hair and skin, but they actually deliver real results. If you are looking for reliable beard products for beard growth and health, go with Bossman. I recommend starting with their Essentials Kit ($35), but if you don’t want to commit to a whole new beard care system, definitely go with their jelly oil. To learn more about the rest of their products and what they can do for you, click here to visit their website.

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