Black Hair VS White Hair(What’s The Difference?)

white hair vs black hair

According to Carl Linnaeus,

Hair is the second most important racial identifier after skin colour.

Hair has no biological difference, but they are morphologically different.

What’s The Difference Between Black Hair And White Hair?

Wavy & Straight Hair Follicles

According to Helix,

Hair follicles and Shaft determines whether curly or straight hair.

Africans have wavy hair follicles; Europeans and Asians have straight hair follicles. Thus, Africans have curly hair, whereas Asian and Europeans have straight hair.

Hair Type  Hair Follicle Colour
Asian Straight Black
African Wavy Black
Caucasian Straight Blonde/White

Larger The Hair Follicles Thicker The Hair

According to The Tech Interactive,

Follicle size determines hair thickness.

Large hair follicles produce thick hair, while small hair follicles produce thin hair.

According to this investigative report, Asian have a thicker diameter.

Elliptical, Oval Or Round Cross Section

African have elliptical or flattened cross-section. Europeans have an oval cross-section. At the same time, Asians have a round cross-section.

A round cross-section results in straight hair, while an oval or elliptical cross-section results in curly hair.

Black Hair with Elliptical Shape Shines the Most

According to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, hair shine depends on three factors:

  • Hair Color
  • The shape and thickness of the strands
  • Twists or kinks on your hair

Black hair with an Elliptical shape shines the most.  But due to some kinks, it loses some shine.

African Descent Hair Is Prone to Hair Splits

The breakage in the outer layer of hair damages the inner layer.

Hair splits are common. You need to take care of it to prevent splits.

However, according to this research, African descent hair is more prone to hair splits than Caucasian and Asian hair.

Black African Hair is Drier

African sebaceous gland produces less sebum.

In addition to it, the water content in African hair is also slightly lower than Caucasian hair.

Thus, there is an uneven distribution of sebum oil along the shaft. As a result, African hair becomes drier!

African Black Hair Exhibit More Knots And Damaged Cuticles

According to Core,

Africans exhibited more knots and appeared broken compared to other ethnic groups.

The knot is tighter, and there is also more damage in cuticles.

While in European hair, the knot is looser, and there is less damage in cuticles.

African Black Hair Growth Is Slower

Hair growth is slower in African Descent. A study shows, Average hair growth of 0.8cm per month in African Descent while 1cm per month is recorded in whites.

In addition to it, According to this research, there is a trend toward increase hair loss in Africans!

Caucasian Hair Showed A High Total Hair Density

According to JamaNetwork,

Hair Density in African American is slightly lower than in whites.

They study hundreds of scalp biopsy regimen from African American patients and observed that the hair density tends to be lower in this radical group.

Another investigation also found the same. Caucasian hair showed a high total hair density.

Ethnicity hair types

There are three types of hair based on ethnicity—i.e. Afro, Asian and Caucasian. Most Africans and Asians have black hair. While the difference between these two is that Asian have straight hair, whereas Africans have curly hair. Africans can also have blonde hair, but it is rare. Meanwhile, caucasian have blonde and white hair!

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Cutting White Hair Vs. Black Hair

Cutting white hair and black hair is completely different. Cutting black hair is tedious due to its wavy nature. It needs to be conditioned first, then relaxed for some time and wash it. Finally, you can cut it. In contrast, You can cut white hair without washing or condition it!

Black hair is so fragile that you can easily damage it. The more the curls, the more it will be fragile.

For cutting black hair,

  • Firstly, you need to detangle hair.  Use a wet brush to detangle it. I prefer using a wide-tooth comb. But before detangling, you need to oil it.
  • Trim the hair with the help of a scissor and a comb. You have to treat all the curls equally.
  • Double-check the hair to make sure the haircut is nice and even
  • Once the haircut is complete, shampoo the hair.
  • Now apply some curl cream.
  • To curl your hair, I suggest taking some piece of hair and twist it.
  • Twist it until you completely curled all your hair.

This is how you dry cut your black hair!

For cutting white hair,

  • Spray water to your hair. You can also condition hair before trimming it
  • Detangle your hair with the help of a comb.  Comb all the hair straight back
  • Trim the hair with the help of scissor and comb

Is White Hair Better Than Black Hair?

White hair is better than black hair because

  • It grows faster.  White hair grows 1cm per month, while black hair grows 0.8cm per month.
  • It has higher hair density
  • White hair is less prone to hair splits.
  • White hair is thicker.
  • White hair is easier to manage because it is straight.

Is Black Hair Stronger Than White Hair?

Black hair has larger follicles. Follicle size determines hair thickness. The thicker the hair more it will be stronger. Thus, black hair is stronger than white hair.


Asian and Africans have black hair.  Caucasian have white and blonde hair. The difference between black and white hair is that,

  • Black hair shines brighter than white hair.
  • White hair is more hydrated, while black hair is dryer
  • Afro black hair grows curly while white hair grows straight.
  • Cutting black hair is tedious and time-consuming than cutting white hair.

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