A Guy With Brown Hair With Awesome Facts

guy with brown hair and glasses

A girl with brown hair is a brunette, a guy with blonde hair is blonde. What should you call a guy with brown hair?

You can call him “Brunet”. But this word is uncommon in English. It is a term derived from French. It means a man or boy having brown or black hair. Instead, you can also call him a “Brown-haired guy”.

Facts About A Guy With Brown Hair

Girls Like Brown Haired Guys

According to the study of Whatsyourprice.com,

A man with brown hair averages 10 dates a month

Girls like brown-haired guys because

  • Brown Haired guys are Honest & Truthful. This study proved it as well
  • Brown hair looks Natural. It is the second most common hair colour after black hair. In a world, 20% of the population have brown hair. 
  • Brown hair represents sensational and empowering.
  • Brown hair is heartwarmingly sweet.

Brown Is The Most Attractive Hair

brown hair blue eyes

According to this journal,

Light Brown is the most attractive hair

Not only it is attractive, but it is also associated with youth and health.

PMC also backed that medium copper and brown hair is perceived as healthier and attractive than blonde hair

Brown Haired Guys Have Lower Hair Density

brown eyes

According to Modenahair,

The darker the hair more it will be thicker.

Brown hair has a thicker hair strand but on opposite lower hair density.

Brown Hair Symbolizes Precious, Successful & Intelligent

anime guy with curly hair

According to this journal, brown-haired guys are successful in work and consistent with their intelligence and competence. As a result, they acquire more success. It backed this finding with the actual success as the majority of  CEOs are brown hair

Moderate Melanin Content

Hair colour is determined by

  • How much melanin pigment is present in hair and
  • What kind of melanin pigment.

Generally, there are two forms of melanin. i.e. Eumelanin and pheomelanin. 

Hair Color Type and amount of Melanin Secretion
Black A large amount of eumelanin
Brown Moderate eumelanin
Blonde Few Eumelanin
Red Pheomelanin

People who produce more eumelanin have dark hair, while people who produce moderate eumelanin have brown hair. In contrast, people who produce pheomelanin have blonde or light hair.

Brown hair guy produce a moderate amount of melanin

Their Origin is Europe

brown hair with highlights

When you look at their origin specifically, people with brown hair are from Central Europe, Southern Europe, Southern Cone and the United States. 

According to Wikipedia,

They are also common among  Australian Aboriginals and Melanesians.

Hair Color Can Change To Blonde

People with brown hair often do not have brown hair throughout their life. You would be surprised to know that their hair colour can change to blonde. That is because of a natural pigment by the name of eumelanin. When the production of this pigment slows down, your hair turns blonde.

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Reasons Behind Brown Hair


MC1R determines the hair colour.

Most people have two MC1R genes, one from each parent. This gene controls what and how much amount of pigment the body will produce.

  • If the body produces a large amount of eumelanin, your hair becomes black.
  • If the body produces a moderate amount of eumelanin, your hair becomes brown.
  • If the body produces a few amounts of eumelanin, your hair becomes blonde.
  • If the body produces pheomelanin, your hair becomes red.

Permanent hair dye

When you apply permanent hair dye, the hair dye molecules stick inside the hair fibre, changing the hair colour.

Hard water

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and sulphur. When you wash your hair with hard water, it sits at the top of your hair shaft.

These molecules are too big to be absorbed in your hair. It blocks the moisturizers that need to penetrate inside your hair. As a result, you will have brown hair.


Sunlight contains UV rays that damage the outer layer of hair. It also has the capability to destroy melanin.

Chemical products of Conditioners and Shampoos

Conditioners and shampoos containing sulfate, paraben and ammonia damage the hair cuticles and ultimately destroy hair integrity.

Poor diet and Nutrients

According to SFGate, the relationship between iron, copper and zinc is associated with hair discolouration.

Your body requires copper to produce pigment for skin and hair colour. If your body produces a Lower level of copper, you will suffer premature greying.

Thus, essentials diets and nutrients are required to keep your hair healthy

Are Brown-haired guys attractive?

Not only brown-haired guys but guys with any hair are attractive if they have good humour, a good-looking face, cute smile, good behaviour, and kindness.

Are guys with brown hair called brunettes?

They are called brunet. It is a diminutive form of Brun, meaning brown or brown-haired.

How much of the male population has brown hair?

Fifty percent of the population has dark brown hair. At the same time, twenty percent of the population has light brown hair.



Brown is the most attractive hair. A guy with brown hair are intelligent and loved by most girls. They are often called “brown-haired”.

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