Using Beard Trimmer For Head Hair ( Pros, Cons, Differences & Precautions )

can a beard trimmer trim hair

I was wondering if I can legitimately use my beard trimmer to trim my hair. That’s when I instantly thought of trimming my head hair using a beard trimmer. But, all things considered, I’m satisfied with it!

Can Beard Trimmer Be Used For Head Hair?

A Beard trimmer can undoubtedly be used as a hair trimmer, but you need to take precautions while gliding it over your head because a beard trimmer consists of thinner blades. Therefore, when you trim your hair with those blades, there is a significant possibility of your hair getting stuck into blades resulting in it causing pain.

Additionally, you will need to cleanse the blade to get the prime cut. That’s quite hectic for me! Otherwise, it’s perfect.

A Beard trimmer is used for trimming short hair.

If you have short hair in your head, then it would undertake a splendid job.

5 Safety Precautions Before Trimming Hair Using Beard Trimmer

  • Fully Charge Your Battery or plug it in.

I prefer using a corded beard trimmer to trim my hair because it is relatively powerful. As a result, it will be considerably more facile to trim long hair. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about its charge!

Meanwhile, employing a cordless trimmer, you have to worry about its charge. If you don’t fully charge your trimmer, you might get stuck in the middle. As a result, you will have an uneven haircut like this.

is beard trimmer same as hair trimmer

Thus, I suggest you fully charge it – if you are using a cordless shaver.

  • Rinse your hair but damp it

I would suggest you wash your hair before trimming it. Because after washing, your hair turns softer, and it will be easier to trim with less pain.

A minor note that if you are using a corded trimmer, damp your hair first before trimming it. Because you are directly connected to electricity, you might be electrocuted while working with moist hair.

  • Be Confident & Comfortable

If I’m trimming my hair, I would first sit in my comfortable chair. It makes me quite easy and additionally it boosts up my confidence.

Thus, I suggest you sit in a luxurious chair and place a mirror beside you. Make sure that you can see yourself in the mirror. Then, by looking at the mirror and using your dominant hand, you shave your hair.

You can easily shave your sideburns and the front hair. The only challenging part is the back of your neck.

For trimming back hair, you can check out my previous article regarding Can I shave the back of my neck using an electric razor? Here I’ve explained everything about how you can shave your back of your neck and the tips related to it. You can also check the best neck shaver here.

  • Take Time: Don’t Rush.

Whenever I trim my hair, I would either cut my skin or trimmed my hair in an uneven length if I rush it.

Meanwhile, if I take time and trim it slowly, I will have some cuts; I won’t lie but not like when I rushed. Additionally, I’ll get the perfect shape to my hair, which will not be reasonably possible in case of rushing.

Thus, I suggest trimming your hair in your free time and take as much time as you want. Don’t accelerate it. If you do, either you will have uneven hair or have cuts.

  • Refine You Hair Using Comb And Finger

hair and beard trimmer

After trimming your hair, you need to refine it. Meaning that you need to check either if you have left an uneven length of hair.

For refining, you need to comb your hair, and using your finger, you need to check its length. If you found any uneven length, you need to cut it using scissors. You can check out the professional hair shears here.

Ultimately, you have trimmed your hair using a beard trimmer. You will be thrilled and look incredible.

Now let’s check!

Differences Between Head Trimmer And Beard Trimmer!

Is a Beard trimmer the Same As a Hair Trimmer?

No beard trimmer and head trimmer aren’t the same. You can check out the differences here!

Head Trimmer Beard Trimmer
It has a thick blade It has a thin blade
It is good for trimming  long hair It is good for trimming short hair
It works well for sensitive skin It works exceptionally well for sensitive skin
It can’t provide a detailed haircut It can provide detailed hair cut. That’s perfect for providing shapes to sideburns and the back of your neck.
Clippers can be used as a hair trimmer. A Beard trimmer can be used as a hair trimmer, but the efficiency for trimming long hair is not quite good.

Advantages of Using Beard trimmer

  • Saves you money


If you can afford clippers, I would suggest you buy them to trim your hair. It gives a perfect and clean trimming experience. If you are interested in buying hair clippers, check our reviews regarding the best clippers!

However, if you can’t afford it, no worries! You can use a beard trimmer as an alternative. It can save you a couple of bucks.

  • Best for sensitive skin

Beard trimmers are designed to trim short hair with sensitive skin. Thus, it has sharp and hypoallergenic blades.

If you have sensitive skin, the beard trimmer can trim your hair with ease! You will feel neither any pain nor any irritation.

  • Good for detailing your hair

If you want to provide perfect shape to your sideburns and back of your neck, a beard trimmer with thin blades comes in handy.

What Shouldn’t You Do Using a Beard Trimmer?

  • Don’t shave wet hair using a corded trimmer.

One of the reasons behind not using the corded trimmer in wet hair is electrocution.

Another reason is the dull blade. It is the case for both corded and cordless trimmer.

If you are consistently trimming your wet hair, the blade gets dull fastly. As a result, you will need to invest in a new blade which might be quite expensive to afford every other day.

  • Use beard guard

A Beard guard prevents your skin from a cut. So if you are trimming using a beard trimmer, do use a beard guard!

Best Beard Trimmer For Hair

I have recently tried Braun Series 9 for trimming my hair, and I found it to be the best. It has a powerful motor that rotates blades fastly so that it makes my trimming experience better.

Along with the powerful motor, it has sharp hypoallergenic blades. Once you glide it into your scalp, it perfectly trims your hair.

Using this razor, I have fewer razor burn and irritation issues. Thus, I suggest you use this shaver.

If you are interested, you can check out the price here!


Can a beard trimmer trim hair?

Undoubtedly, you can use a beard trimmer, but you need to take certain precautions, which we have discussed above. Furthermore, you will feel certain pain when hair gets stuck at the blade. It is quite obvious to happen because of the thinner blade.

However, if you are ok with it, you are good to use a beard trimmer.

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