Can You Shave Back Of Your Neck With A Razor

can you shave back of your neck with a razor

Hair grows all around your body parts and even at the back of your neck. I think most people neglect it because it isn’t easily seen and is difficult to shave. And they focus more on the frontal part of their body. Thus in this post, we will talk in detail about neck hair – how to shave it and the tips before shaving it.

Can You Shave Back Of Your Neck With A Razor – Of Course, you can! But you will need a good trimmer such as Mangroomer, a mirror, and patience. Mangroomer is a back shaver that has a long handle, which allows you to shave your back part of your body.

Why Mangroomer?

  • Ergonomic design

We love its design. The way how it is designed is best for shaving your back parts. It’s so flexible, and the long handle helps you to reach any areas of your back – even difficult to reach areas easily.

You can choose the length of the handle. Once you determine the length – you can lock it up and can start shaving. If you set up a long handle, you can reach the bottom of your back.

However, for trimming neck hair – we suggest to set up a short handle that eases your shaving experience.

It is a unique feature of this shaver.

  • Flex Shaving head

You can find two attachments of shaving heads. One is a wide back groomer, and another is a foil body groomer.

Using a wide back groomer, you can shave long hair whereas using a foil body groomer, you can shave short and stubble hair.

You can find a flex neck on both attachment heads, which helps to shave your neck part without any irritation. It is another unique feature of this shaver.

  • Shock absorption

Shock absorption is another feature added to both of the shaving heads. It allows the shaver to follow the contour of your back, providing the perfect angle for the blade to meet the skin. It results in a precise and close shaving experience.

  • Power

You can boost the extra power of this groomer by using the Power Burst button. You can use it, especially while shaving thick and coarse hair.

  • Corded or Cordless option

The corded and cordless option gives you two alternatives. One is shaving your hair by plugging it in, and another is shaving on battery mode.

  • Hypoallergenic blades

Hypoallergenic blades prevent irritation, which is a must-have feature for any trimmer or shaver. Mangroomer has it. Thus, it is the best shaver for the back of your neck.

I think you understand that you can shave your back of your neck with a man groomer. Let’s talk in detail about

How Can You Shave Back Of Your Neck With An Electric Razor/Clippers

If you are using a man groomer – you can easily shave your neck because of its ergonomic design. However, if you prefer regular shaver – we suggest you use Braun Series 9 9290cc.

Let’s follow it step by step!

  • First of all, you need to stand at your back of your bathroom mirror. Hold another mirror at your hand parallel with the bathroom mirror.
  • Make sure that you can see your neck at the front mirror. You can also use a swing arm mirror. It makes your both hand free. Check out the best swing arm mirror here.
  • Now, hold the razor with the teeth of the blade facing the back of your neck. Gently glide the razor straight horizontally across the neck. Make sure to keep the line as close to the natural hairline
  • Now flip the razor so that the teeth of the blade is facing upward and glide it in an upward direction up to the natural hairline.

These are the best ways to shave your back of your neck.

Tips before shaving back of your neck

  • Have patience. If you rush to shave – you might not be able to keep your natural hairline.
  • We suggest you use a swing arm mirror and mount it on the wall. Thus, you won’t need to hold a mirror keeping your both hands free.
  • If you are using a safety razor,
    • we suggest you use sharp blades.
    • Apply shaving cream before trimming it, which prevents irritation and razor cuts.
  • Once you trim it, you use some best moisturizer

Some FAQ

How often should you shave your back of your neck?

You can shave your back of your neck once a week. Make sure that to maintain the natural hairline if you are doing it yourself. You can also use the neckline template so that you won’t miss the hairline.


We can conclude that you can shave your back of your neck by yourself. But make sure to follow all the steps we discussed above. If you are using Mangroomer, you can shave it easily. Using some electric shaver and safety razor, you take some precautions.

You need to be calm, set up all the arrangements, and can shave with full confidence. I hope you will make it.

If you feel that this post helps you to shave, feel free to comment down below. For any queries, you can also contact Bestgroomingtips; we will be there to help you anytime.

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