Reasons Behind Shiny Bald Head(4 Quick Tips To Reduce Shine Of It)

do bald men shines their head

If you have a bald head, you might have instantly realized that it shines, right! But, do you know

Why Does the Bald Head Shine?

Bald head shines because of two main reasons. One is due to sebum oil secreted by the sebaceous gland. And another is due to the smooth skin.

Let’s talk in detail about it:

1. Sebum Oil

One of the main reasons behind the shiny bald head is due to sebum oil. It is a natural oil secreted by the sebaceous gland.

The function of sebum oil is to lubricate your hair. Not only it lubricates your hair, but it also moisturizes it and keeps it healthy.

But what will happen when you lose all your hair? Does the sebaceous gland stop work?

No, it will work continuously, producing sebum oil. As a result, these oils needed to lubricate your hair gets accumulated on your skin. Due to these oils, your bald head shines.

2. Smooth & Taut Skin

When hair follicles shrink, hair growth stops completely. It makes your skin smooth and taut. In a smooth and taut surface, more lights get reflected.

The more the light gets reflected shinier will be your head.

Additionally, can you realize what will happen when there is a mix of oil in those smooth surfaces? As you expected, the result is a shinier head.

Quick Tips To Reduce Shine Of Bald Head

how do i get ride of shine on my bald head

If you don’t like the shine of your bald head and wanted to reduce it, here are some of the tips.

1. Exfoliation

As you know, more the production of sebum oil shinier will be your head. So to control it, you need to cleanse your head more often.

I suggest exfoliating your head with the facial scrub once a week.

Doing so removes dead skin cells and also eliminates clogged pores.

But while doing so, you also need to take care of your skin, preventing it from being dry.

To keep it hydrated, you can use nongreasy moisturizers.

2. Shaving

Shaving also determines the shine. If you give a clean shave, it will shine more than necessary because there will be no barrier for reflection.

So to prevent it, I suggest you shave your hair in zero buzz cut because it remains some hair. As a result, there will be a disturbance in reflection.

Due to it, your bald head shines less.

3. Wear Cap

Wearing a cap prevents not only shine but also prevents hot temperatures. Additionally, it also protects from UV rays.

If you wear a cap, I suggest you wear breathable fabrics.

4. Bald head shine remover product

You can also use products like HeadDry – Shine reducer Matte product to reduce shine. I mostly prefer this product because it removes the shine from your head, nose, and forehead.

Furthermore, it is made of natural ingredients. Hence while employing it, there is less possibility of having allergies.

Another astounding feature that I like about it is that it works as a sunscreen.


There are basically two reasons behind the shiny bald head:

  • Sebum oil &
  • Smooth skin

If you don’t like the shine in your head, you can reduce it by cleansing your head. Additionally, you can also use some matte products.

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