Is A Shaving Bowl Necessary – What Is It Used For? A Detailed Guide

Lathering your face is essential before shaving because it lubricates it and, on top, creates an additional layer above the skin to protect it. As follows, to create a lather, you can either use a shaving bowl or can exert it directly to your face.

Is a shaving bowl necessary? Show bowl is needed only if you create lather using a shaving bowl. Meanwhile, if you prefer to face lathering, you won’t need a shaving bowl. At that time, you needed a shaving brush, a scoop of shaving cream, and water.

If you prefer to use a shaving bowl, know more about it in detail.

Why use a shaving bowl?

  • Create rich lather

There is no doubt in creating a rich lather while using a shaving bowl.

  • Create lather in volume

Not only it makes rich later, but it will be available in volume

  • Don’t Need to recreate the lather again

If a rich lather is available in volume, it will not be needed to recreate it again and again. A bowl full of lather will be enough for the entire shave.

  • You can easily control water in the bowl.

Controlling water in a bowl will be a lot easier. You can quickly whirl the shaving brush in a round bowl to create a rich lather.

  • You can easily cleanse the area.

It will be a lot easier to cleanse your area because you will just need to wash the bowl alone.

  • You can easily rest your brush upon the bowl.

While you are stroking your beard, the bowl will be a comfy place to rest your brush.

How to create a thick lather using a shaving bowl?

  • To begin with, soak your brush in hot water.
  • Take your brush out from the bowl and shake it.
  • Take a scoop of cream and a little bit of water in a bowl.
  • Start making your lather.
  • Initially, it creates a small bubble.
  • Push the brush a bit and fasten the whirling
  • You will get nice thick later with a small bubble.
  • Once enough lather is created, you can apply it in your face and can start shaving.

Some tips:

  • If bubbles are big, you’ve have added a lot of water.
  • If extra-thick lather is created – add a bit of water to decrease its thickness.
  • If more water is added, it will create a thin lather in volume. It will dissipate easily and won’t last long.

Types of shaving bowl

  • Ceramic shaving bowl

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Ivory Shaving Bowl with Handle

Ceramics are widely used in tea mugs. But, you can also find it in a shaving bowl.

Especially, I like this shaving bowl because they have excellent heat retention capability. Thus, I can put hot water in it for as long as I want while taking a shower.

Aside from that, it won’t absorb any moisture, nor it produces any nasty smell.

If you are interested, check out the price of the ceramic shaving bowl here!

The downside of this bowl is that it will break easily, and it is a bit hard to create thick lather in it because of the smooth surface.

  • Plastic shaving bowl

TRBOWL2: Timeless Razor's BLUE Shaving Bowl

The plastic shaving bowl is cheaper than ceramics. Comparing it to the former shaving bowl, it is more durable and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

I recommend this shaving bowl to be suitable for traveling because it is light and can be easily carried out. Moreover, it won’t break out easily.

The downside of this bowl is that you can’t find the perfect size. Either it will come extra bigger or a little smaller.

I’ve found this plastic shaving mug in Amazon – if you are interested, check it out here!

I also recommend you to try this shaving bowl if you have a limited budget.

  • Metal shaving bowls

VIKINGS BLADE 'The Chairman' Luxury Shaving Bowl

The metal shaving bowl is a bit pricier. They are expensive than plastic shaving bowl and cheaper than ceramics.

Although metals are durable, they can rust easily. Thus, you need to be very careful while choosing metals. I suggest you use stainless steel.

You can find metal shaving bowls having both smooth and rigid surfaces. I recommend you to go with a rigid surface because it creates a great lather.

If you are interested, check out this Viking stainless steel shaving bowl in Amazon.

The downside of the metal shaving bowl is that they don’t have well heat retention capability.

  • Wooden shaving bowl

Anself Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl

The wooden shaving bowl is one of the priciest bowls. It looks great and comes in different attire – that is the best feature of this bowl.

Most wooden shaving bowl has a rough texture, thus creates a great lather.

But it is not readily available in the market. Even if it is available, it won’t be available in a perfect size.

If you are interested, you can check out this wooden shaving cup here on Amazon!

Furthermore, it has good heat retention quality, but it can absorb water if not dried properly.

Due to this, it can produce the musky smell which you might not like. Additionally, while the water is absorbed, it can also change its size.

How to choose the perfect shaving bowl

  • Rounding at the top and texture at the bottom

The shaving bowl is perfect only if it creates a thick lather. For the lather to become stagnant, its surface must be rigid. Additionally, it would be great if it has a rounding top because it will trap the lather and prevents falling.

  • Heat retention check

The shaving bowl must have high heat retention capability like that of ceramics. It will warm up your shaving cream and eases your shaving experience.


  • Must fit nicely in the hand

The shaving bowl must have an ergonomic design. It must not be way too larger nor too smaller. Whatsoever, it must have enough area to build a lather.


Shaving bowls aren’t necessary if you create lather directly onto your face. It is only needed when you want to create a lather in a shaving bowl.

Creating lather in a shaving bowl has many advantages like thick lather, outstanding control of water, and creating lather in volume. Due to it, you won’t need to recreate it again while in need.

But, to buy a shaving bowl, you will need to invest in it.

If you are investing in it, I prefer using a ceramic shaving bowl because they have a modest price, high heat retention quality, and can be easily available.

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