How To Make Hair Permanently Wavy?

permanent waves hair

People with straight hair want to have wavy hair, while those with wavy hair want straight hair.

How To Make Hair Permanently Wavy?

By using an Olaplex treatment with a curling rod, you can make your hair permanently wavy. Olaplex is a formulate that protects hair from chemical damage. It gives a beachy texture permanently so that you don’t need to curl it all the time.

Before perming your hair, I suggest you color it first. It will look good with blonde and brown hair.

For perming your hair, you will need

  • Olaplex,
  • Water,
  • Curling rod,
  • Endpaper,
  • Surround wrap and
  • An Applicator bottle

1. Shampoo Your Hair

Before perming, I suggest shampooing your hair. While shampooing, scrub your hair to remove all the impurities. It conditions your hair, and on top, the treatment penetrates well into your hair. It also gives a nice texture.

2. Dilute Olaplex

Take 1/2 ounce of Olaplex and mix it with 3 ounces of water in an applicator bottle.

3. Cover the sink with surround wrap

I suggest you use a surround wrap to surround the basin. Olapex is valuable; it will protect it.

3. Apply the treatment to the end of your hair

  • Gently apply the solution to the ends and makes sure that your ends are protected.
  • Tap the hair so that the treatment goes well with your hair even though you have added water to the treatment.
  • Let it sit in your ends first.  Your hair will absorb the treatment. Then move right over to other ends.
  • Refill the bottle if empty with the treatment from the basin that is usually covered with surround wrap
  • Reapply the Olaplex treatment around the face. You can also dip the end to the basin.
  • Cover all the areas

Now you are ready to perm!

4. Wrap Your Hair

Before wrapping, clip the top section of your hair because you will wrap the sides first.

  • Comb it.
  • Take the large section of your side using rods.
  • Take an endpaper. Put it one right at the bottom and another right at the top of the rod.
  • Spray some water to moisturize it.
  • Now you roll it.

Similarly, take the next section at your back. Comb it really tight – wrap endpaper one at the top and another paper on the bottom – spray water – hold the rod and wrap it.

Do the same and wrap all the hair. It will take a total of 6 to 9 rods for you on the sides.

To prevent the solution from dripping off your face and neck, wrap the head with the cotton foils and neck with a towel.

5. Reapply the solution

Once you roll all your hair, apply the solution all over again to the rod. It penetrates solution into your hair.

6. Apply Neutralizer

If you don’t want to lose shape, you need to apply a neutralizer. It locks in the treatment.

After applying neutralizer you need to wait for 5 minutes.

7. Apply the treatment again

After applying the neutralizer, you will need to re-apply the treatment.  Apply it directly to your rods so that you won’t waste it.

Process it and wait for 5 minutes.

Finally, you will have permanently wavy hair.

Here you use Olaplex to perm your hair. Some also use silicon, heat, and other harsh chemicals to make their hair wavy. Perhaps, you can also do it naturally

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How to make straight hair wavy without heat?

To make your  straight hair wavy without heat, you will need

  • Water
  • Aloe vera gel
  • sea salt
  • A Spray

1. Make a solution by mixing all these ingredients and put them in a spray bottle.

2. Brush your hair and divide it into two large parts.

3. Spray the treatment and run your finger through your hair. Make sure you spray it all across your hair

4.  Push your hair from downward to upward direction until your hair seems wavy

5. Wait for 10 minutes before the treatment completely soaks up

6. Finally, brush it

How Long Do Permanent Waves Last?

Permanent waves last range from a week to a month. A well-permed hair lasts for about 6 months, while a normal perm lasts for about 2-3 weeks.

To keep it last longer, you need to maintain it properly.

  • You shouldn’t wash a new perm for at least 2 days after getting it done.
  • You need to moisturize it properly. I suggest using conditioners that are made especially for chemically treated hair.
  • You shouldn’t use heat frequently
  • You need to use a satin cap while sleeping

How Much Does Permanent Wavy Hair Cost?

You can be charged from around $40 to $150. The average price cost you around $76. But it all depends upon your hair length, type of perm, full or partial perm, and the hairstylist.


The best way to make your hair wavy is by using Olaplex and Curling rod. You can also curl your hair using chemicals and hot iron. Additionally, you can also use natural treatments like aloe vera gel to get the best curls.

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