How Long Does Nair Last?

the long lasting hair removal method

I prefer using Nair rather than shaving because it is swift, easy, and on top, I’ll get cut free skin. Moreover, it lasts longer. Do you know how long does Nair last?

Nair lasts for about three days to a week. However, it absolutely depends upon how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows faster than usual, it could only last for three days.

Otherwise, a week is normal.

Let’s start with!

What is Nair?

Nair is nothing but a cream used to shed unwanted hair. It breaks down hairs from the surface of your skin. As follows, you can use it to remove hair from your legs, face, and pubic hair.

Meanwhile, the Nair that you use in legs and face is different. Nair, that is used in the face has a milder formula because it is sensitive and using highly concentrated depilatory damage it.

How Nair Works?

The working methodology of Nair is simple.

It includes chemical ingredients like

that breaks down the hair structure.

Amongst them, calcium hydroxide is the active ingredients that dissolve hair.

Previously, sodium hydroxide has also been used, but due to its negative effect like chemical burns, it is less preferred today!

Here is how it actually works!

When you apply it, calcium hydroxide being an alkali changes the pH of hair texture, allowing it to react with other active ingredients present in Nair.

Promptly, Potassium thioglycolate being an acid, react with it resulting it to break sulfide bond in hair keratin. As a consequence, it breaks down the hair.

Nair also contains softening agent like the mineral oil that reduces the harshness of these active ingredients.

Is it effective?

Nair is extremely effective. It not only dissolves hair but also exfoliates it. The ingredients present in it softens your skin as well.

If you are lazy and don’t want to shave it with a razor, it is a must-go product.

Benefits of Nair

1. Use it at your own

You can use this product on your own. You won’t need the help of any. For applying it, you just need to squeeze the cream and apply it to your skin.

After 5-10 minutes, wipe it out with a piece of cloth.

Once, you’ve removed the cream,  wipe the remaining Nair with cold water and ultimately apply moisturizing cream into it.

See how easy it is!

2. No cuts and razor burn

While using Nair, you won’t need to worry about cuts and razor burn. You just need to apply the cream and can easily remove unwanted hair.

3. Remove hair from hard to reach areas

While shaving, it is quite difficult to shave back of your legs, right. You don’t need to worry now! You can use this depilatory to remove hair from any part of your body quite easily.

4. Soft Skin

Nair not only removes hair but also softens your skin. It contains additional ingredients like mineral oil and moisturizers that aids to soften it.

5. Affordable

It isn’t even expensive. You can easily afford it. It comes within the price range of $5-10. And above all, it lasts for more than 5-6 months. In terms of price, it is worthy than using expensive razors and blades.

6. Exfoliation

You need to exfoliate your skin in order to prevent ingrown hair. But while using this depilatory, you won’t need to worry about it. They are designed to exfoliate your skin as well.

7. Easily Available

You can easily buy this product anywhere. You can buy it in your nearby store, or can also order it online from Amazon and Walmart.

8. Soothing skin

Once you remove hair with Nair, you won’t need to worry about hair growing back instantly that often happens while shaving. Once you remove hair, you will have smooth and soothing skin for about three days to a week depending upon the hair regrowth rate.

Side Effects of Nair

1. Smell

You might not like the smell of Nair. Frankly speaking, they have improvised the smell of it. During the ’70s, it literally smells like skunk juice.

But now they added perfumes to cover up the odour. However, it hasn’t succeeded in covering all the fault smell.

2. Chemical Burn

If you have hypersensitive skin, it is also possible to have a chemical burn to your skin. You may feel itchiness and redness to your skin.

3. Allergic Reaction

You may also suffer from an allergic reaction. It is due to chemicals and perfumes present in it.

If the reaction is severe, don’t wait thinking that it will be relieved. Immediately rush to the physician!

Precautions Before Using Nair!

So, you know that you can suffer from an allergic reaction while using Nair. Over here are some precautions that will prevent you from these problems!

  • Firstly before applying this depilatory, you need to do a skin patch test. If you pass the test or you see no allergies, you can apply this product.
  • You need to check the ingredients of this product before applying it to your face. If it has stronger chemicals, you need to neglect it.
  • Don’t let the cream sit in your skin for more than 10 minutes. It can cause skin burn. Thus, instantly after 10 minutes, you need to wipe it out.
  • Don’t use Nair so frequently. You need to wait for at least 72 hours before applying it again. If you are trying to use it frequently, it can cause a chemical burn.
  • After applying this depilatory, you need to wait for about 24 hours before applying any other skin products like moisturizers and lotions.
  • After applying Nair, don’t let your skin exposed directly to sunlight.

Nair Vs Shaving

Nair is similar to that of shaving. Both removes hair from the surface of your skin. The difference between these two is that for shaving, you will need razor whilst using Nair doesn’t require it.

While removing hair with Nair, it keeps your skin smooth for a longer time. But while shaving, you will feel the stubble hair within hours.

How Long Does Nair Bottle Last?

Nair doesn’t expire at all. Once you buy it, you can use it any time you like. However, it is suggested that once you open the bottle, you need to replace it within a year.

For it to last longer, you can place it in cool and dry places.

Some FAQs

Does it work in legs?

Most probably people buy Nair to use it in legs. It instantly removes hair, whether is it thick or coarse. It lasts for about 2-4 days on legs.

Does it work in the pubic area?

Yes, it does work in public areas like balls and vag as well. But while using it, I recommend you to use a soft cloth. If you have really sensitive skin, I recommend you to consult with physicians fist.

Does it work in long hair?

Nair works if your hair is above the surface of your skin, whether is it stubble or long. But it won’t work if the hair is really short because it can’t reach it.

Does it work in chest hair?

You can also use it in your chest, arms, armpits.

Does it increase hair growth?

Nair neither increase hair growth nor does thinning it. Your growth rate remains constant.


Nair lasts for about three days to a week, depending upon how fast your hair grows! If the growth rate is really fast, it could only last for three days; otherwise a week is normal.

The benefit of using Nair is that once your remove hair, it won’t grow instantly. And the downside is that it can cause chemical burns.



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