Can IAS Officer Keep Beard?

ias officer beard

IAS officer is one of the highest rank civil services in India. Once you crack the UPSC exam with a good grade, you can be an IAS officer. Conceivably being an IAS officer, you will have more responsibilities and moral duties. With being said, Can IAS officer keep beard and long hair?

There are no rules yet being imposed by the Indian government not to have a beard and long hair. However, during training at LBSNAA, you need to be clean and precise. But if you are from Sikh and Muslim communities, you can have it!

Why Can IAS officers keep the beard?

beard and long hair

#1. Personal Choice

After being an IAS officer, it is entirely up to them to keep their beard or trim it. But I suggest to keep it kempt!

#2. No rules

Apparently, if you are an IPS, you must have to clean, shave your beard and follow the proper dressing code. Meanwhile, there is neither a dress code nor you have to trim your beard at the IAS.

Having said that, they can’t wear whatsoever they like.  They have to wear a formal dress and need to trim their beard properly.

Why can’t the IAS officer keep the beard?

IAS officers are the role model of the district and the pillar of the Indian executive system. Not only will they control the district, but they are also the ones who have major roles in policy formulation and implementation.

They with their one signature can bring joy and despair to the life of people.

Apparently, People will follow them from their styles to their behaviours. Thus, they need to kempt themselves. They need to look hygienic. And they need to keep their styles formal.

Roles of IAS officer

After being an IAS officer, he will further be promoted to the district collector and magistrate. And both are them a prestigious position. For every other Indian, it is one of the dream jobs.

District collector collects land revenue and supervises administration. On the other hand, a magistrate maintains law and order.

They can conduct inquiries to anyone! Additionally, they can supervise the police and jail.

So, with a higher position, great responsibilities come to their shoulders. With a single wrong decision, they can shatter the happiness. Thus, they need to take their decision carefully.

Will IAS be Removed or Dismissed if they have a beard?

No, they will not be removed or dismissed if they have a beard! They will be dismissed only if they commit serious crimes like taking bribes and corruption. To even remove them, only the president of India has authority.

Article 311 – the constitution of India deals with dismissal, removal, or reduction in rank.

Here are the following cases with examples, where IAS will have to give resignation or be removed or dismissed.

Resignation – If  IAS officers don’t conduct their job properly, they are called to be resigned firstly before being dismissed or removed.

Removal – If IAS officers do illegal works, they were removed by the person who appoints them!

Dismissal – If IAS officers do corruption, they were dismissed straight out.

The difference between removal and dismissal is that you can’t join your duty afterward once being dismissed. Meanwhile, after being removed, you can join your duty.


So, you won’t need to worry about being dismissal if you have a beard unless you do criminal activities!


IAS officers can keep a beard and can grow long hair. There are no rules yet being implemented to trim beard and hair. Having said that, you can’t stay unkempt. You have to trim and groom your beard and hair properly.

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