How To Dread My Beard (With 5 Different Styles Of Dreadlock )?

beard dreads

So, you have a long beard and eagerly wanted to dreadlock it! Alright, in this post, I’ll discuss how to dread beard!

For dreading beard, you must have at least 5-6 inches long beard. Now, you interlock your beard by twisting it. Once you make a good lock between your beard; you apply hard wax to tighten it.

Without further ado, let’s discuss it in detail!

How To Dreadlock Beard?

1. Wash Your Beard

To begin with this, you need to wash your beard. It makes it easier to dread your beard and simultaneously eases to section off your beard.

It is not that you will necessarily have to wash your beard. But washing is more preferable!

2. Dry your beard

Once you wash it, you wait until it dries out.

3. Section off your beard

Now you need to comb your beard. After combing, it will be easier for you while separating your beard.

Now its time to determine how many dreads you can have. Meanwhile, it absolutely depends upon how thick and long hair you have!

If you have thick hair, you can easily have 5-6 dreads. You can also make more dreads by thinning each section.

4. Lock your beard

Once you section off your beard, it is now time to locking up your beard. For so, you can either twist hairs from the root or can braid it. But make sure to hold the hair strand at the end tightly.

5. Rat Your hair

It is now time to rat your hair. In order to do so, you will need a fine-tooth comb. With the help of this comb, you start to comb your hair from the end and move towards your face.

You will need to do it until your hair becomes a mass of tangle.

By doing so, it tightens up your lock and shrinks the length of the section.

You need to do this to all of the sections of your beard.

6. Apply hard wax

Now take a scoop of wax and gently rub it in your finger and apply it to the ratted hair.

Make sure that you twist and roll your hair tightly while applying these waxes.

You dreads will grow longer each week. So to keep it dreaded, you will need to twist it every once a while and apply waxes. It ensures your beard dread to remain in the perfect condition.

Beard Dread Maintenance

It is easier to create dreadlocks, but maintaining it is quite difficult. However, if you follow certain precautions, you will have your dreads in the perfect shape.

1. Cleanse it properly

One of the most important things to keep your dread long-lasting is by cleansing it properly. It prevents itchiness and beard dandruff.

How to cleanse it? Can you cleanse it with water?

Of course, you can! Additionally, you can also use a beard wash.

I suggest you wash it in two weeks.

Once you wash it, make sure to twist it again and hold it out with beard wax.

2. Make sure to dry it

Once you cleanse it, you will need to keep it dry. For so, you can use a hairdryer and blow it out with low heat until it doesn’t remain damp.

Otherwise, you will suffer from different infections.

3. Apply moisturizer often

You definitely need to moisturize your skin beneath your dreadlocks by applying different moisturizers and lotion. It prevents flaky skin and dryness.

4. Tighten your locks

Your dreads won’t always remain tightened. It loses its tightness as time passes.

Once it loosens its tightness, you again need to twist it, rat it, and apply hard wax to keep it tight and well maintained.

Dreadlock Beard Styles

1. Jack sparrow Dreadlock

jack sparrow dreadlock beard style


Jack sparrow is a famous character in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Johnny Depp acted like a pirate, and to give the character a life of a pirate, dread plays an immense role.

2. Long Dread Bread

braided dreadlocks

If you want to look masculine, a long-dreaded beard is a worthy try. However, for it to maintain is quite difficult. You will need to apply wax regularly and need to twist and roll it every once a while.

3. Goatee Dread

goatee dread

Goatee dreadlock especially looks good for black men. It provides a unique character to your face. Other than it, it is easier to maintain.

4. Short dreadlocks

short dreadlock

It is not that you can’t have dreadlocks in a short beard. Moreover, it can provide you with a sleek and stylish look.

5. Braided Beard

viking beard

If you wanted to look like Vikings, the braided beard is a must-go style. It gives you a pure classic and fictional character.


Dreading a beard is not difficult. You just need to twist, roll, and wax it. But after creating a dreads, it is relatively difficult to maintain it. You will need to cleanse it every once a while and needed to keep it dry.

If you can maintain it, it’s a worthy try to have a beard dread. Moreover, You can try different styles of dreadlock for your beard that gives you a charming look.

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