Are Men’s Razors Better Than Women’s?

Are Men’s Razors Better Than Women’s

There is an inevitable contradiction between men’s and women’s razor regarding the most exceptional razor.

Are Men’s Razors Better Than Women’s?

Men’s razors are better than women’s while considering a close shave and lower price. Conventionally, a men’s shaver is designed to shave coarse and dense facial hair. Thus, it cuts women’s hair with ease.

Additionally, the price of the razor is lower – who won’t use it at such low prices!

Why Such Differences in Price? Usually, there is a term called ‘Pink Tax‘ where they impose a tax on the female branded product in the USA. Henceforth, any product related to women hikes up in comparison to male.

Pink tax is not the tax imposed on pink products.

are safety razor safe
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Additionally, if you use a safety razor, it becomes even more economical. The benefit of using this razor is that you need to invest only in blades. And another advantage is that you don’t need to replace the blade so often. It lasts longer than the usual female razor.

Female razors get dull merely in 2 or 3 shaves but the male razor lasts more than 5 shaves.

On top of that, you will find the best shaving experience with no ingrown hair!

Similarly, the safety razor with a metal handle suits you better in your hand rather than using any plastic handle. Isn’t it?

While shaving legs – stubble hair might even trouble you. Thus, it would be best if you shaved your leg multiple times to remove hair from it.

However, using a men’s shaver, you can shave your hair with just one stroke because it is adjusted to shave coarse facial hair. And you won’t feel razor burn at all.

Besides that, men’s razor is adjusted to shave the hair below the nose and chin. It is so flexible that you can shave hair easily around your knees and ankles.

Just try the male shaver; you won’t regret it!

However, there are some reasons why you need to switch to the women’s razor.

Women Shouldn’t Use Male Razor – Why?

can i use a men's razor to shave my legs

1. Slippery Handle makes difficulty in shaving

The handle of both of the shaver is entirely different. Women razor retains a firm grip in comparison to the male razor. It is indeed necessitated to be for the women.

While shaving legs and armpit, there is a high chance to miss the fuzzy spot. At that time, you needed to reapply the shaving cream and shave the spot. On that account, you need to have a shaver with a tight grip, making it easier to shave.

The slippery handle makes it difficult to shave – first, you need to hold the razor tightly, which will apply more force to your skin. As a result, there is a high chance of having nicks and cuts during the shave.

2. Cartridge Shape isn’t good for shaving armpits!

The blade cartridge of the male shaver is square. On the other hand, the female shaver is in an oval shape. For shaving hair at armpits and knee (mainly behind the knee), oval shape cartridge works more correctly.

These razors pull the skin and make the skin tighter, which makes it easier to cut hair. The result afterwards shaving with these razors is outstanding. You will experience the closest shave.

Furthermore, the blade in men’s razor is in a compact form which is definitely not suitable for sensitive skin. It makes a significant impact on your skin and might cause pain to it.

3. Pivot head isn’t flexible!

The pivot of the razor head allows the cartridge to follow the contour of the skin, allowing you to cut hair in difficult spots around knees and elbows.

Since men and women’s skin is different, the pivot head of men’s razor won’t work exactly as needed to be in the woman’s skin.

Both razors are designed to shave hard spot. However, women razor is more flexible to shave the hard spot with a more favourable pivot head.

4. Single attachment of the strip

The strip is usually attached at the top of the razor. When you glide a razor in your skin, strips moisturizes it.

Usually, there is an attachment of only one moisturizer strip in men’s razor, which is not enough to cut sensitive skin.

While in women’s razor, the pivot head is surrounded by two strips. These strips are enough to moisturize your skin, providing a soothing effect.

These are the difference between men and women’s electric razor, and these are why you need to switch to women’s razor.

Final Questions

Can a Man Use a Women’s Razor?

I highly suggest not to use women’s razor. It can’t provide a close shave to men’s skin because they are designed to shave thin hair. On top of that, they are costly, and the blade gets dull in a few cuts.

Which razor is best for shaving legs?

You can find the best razor over here.

Is it bad to shave your legs with a razor?

No, it is not bad to shave your legs with a razor. However, if you try to shave it more frequently, it might cause irritation and skin burn.


Men’s razor is better than women’s if it is considered in terms of price and a close shave. You will get a men’s razor at a low price because there is no imposition of tax on the male shaver. Furthermore, the blade is compactly loaded, which makes it easier to cut dense hair.

So, to shave soft and thin women leg and armpit hair, it is merely easier using men’s razor.

However, women with sensitive skin need to switch to the regular shaver because there is a high chance of having nicks and cuts.

If you have any queries regarding men’s and women’s shaver, feel free to ask me!

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