Perfecto Shaving Brush Review

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While shaving, you handle different shaving kits like a razor, shaving stand, shaving bowl, shaving cream, and shaving brush. These all these kits carry out an equal role and are interconnected with each other.

I mean to say that using only the best razor doesn’t provide the best shave. Perhaps, you need to use all these kits combined in the best way.

Likewise, using sharp blades with a safety razor – you need to use the shaving brush with best hair bristle. Alongside them, you need to use the best shaving cream.

When you use all these kits combined altogether, you will experience not only the best shave but the shave with fewer cuts and burns.

Thus, in this post, we will discuss one of the kits, namely the Perfecto shaving brush.

Perfecto Shaving Brush Review

perfecto shaving brush review

Perfecto is a California based grooming company that sells men’s grooming product which includes razors, brushes, bowls, and stands. But shaving brush remains the best selling product of perfecto through all these years. It is because of its flexibility, pricing, and comfortability.

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Let’s check out all the feature of this shaving brush!


The bristle of a perfecto shaving brush is made of pure badger hair. Although pure badger hair is low-quality badger hair – it is incredibly soft, and you can use it smoothly onto your face.

But you might feel stiff at first, and it gets softer as you use it consistently for more than 3 to 4 shaves.

Moving this brush back and forth exfoliates your skin, meaning that it opens up the pore which stimulates the hair follicle and makes your hair stand erect. Thus, it becomes easier to shave hair.

Talking about the color of the bristle – it comes up with dark tan and black color. It looks fascinating and is pleasing to your eyes.


The handle is made of wood which looks antique. The size of the handle is average. Its overall diameter is 1 and 3/8 inches. And the height is 4 and 7/8 inches. Due to ring in the middle, it’s comfortable and is easier to hold. It makes a good grip which is the outstanding feature of this shaving brush.


If you just bought it and use this shaving brush, you will get the smell of badger. It’s normal and will fade away after 6 to 7 shaves.

Note: You might not like the smell of this shaving brush at first.


The good shaving brush always produces a thick lather. Lather prevents nicks and cuts. For producing lather, you need to use a shaving brush. You can also use your hand instead, but it produces thin lather which is not sufficient for having a close and comfortable shave.

And there is also a shaving brush which produces thin lather. It is completely useless. If you are using these shaving brush, its time to replace with a new one.

The perfecto shaving brush must be your ultimate choice which provides a thick and creamy lather.


Its price is reasonable depending upon its flexibility, comfortability, and usability.

Customer Review

According to the customers, it’s the ultimate shaving brush according to its price. You can’t get the same shaving brush with such flexibility and low cost.

Apart from it, it is suitable for amateurs who just started shaving their beard. It produces thick lather which prevents cuts and will get the phenomenal shaving experience with this shaving brush.

It is soft, long-lasting, and comfortable to hold shaving brush which is the must-use shaving brush for beginners.

Pros and Cons of Perfecto Shaving Brush

Pros Cons
Produces thick lather Little Bit Smaller
Extremely soft You might not like the smell
Exfoliate your hair Bristle might fall after 6-7 months
Prevents Cut
Good loft length
Great Flexibility


Perfecto shaving brush remains the best brush for beginners. Its price and its flexibility make you believe that you can shave with fewer cuts and razor burns.

Its loft is in the right size, which holds water for a long time that allows producing a rich lather even with few shaving creams which is another plus point of this shaving brush.

I think, the handle size is a little bit smaller in comparison to others, but you can adjust it in your hand.

It kind of feels stiff at first. And I think that it isn’t best suited for the susceptible skin.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment down below!

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