Is it Better To Use A Single Blade Razor?

is it better to use single blade razor

You need to understand the working mechanism of razors, and you need to follow the essential steps to get that neat shaven look. One doesn’t usually spend a lot of time choosing the right kind of razor for their face, but this has to be a compulsory ritual one has to follow to make sure that face gets a decent outlook.

Is it better to use a single blade razor?

The single blade razors have only one blade that performs all the functions of shaving. Thus, it provides a close shave preventing irritation and ingrown hair.

At the same time, multiple razor blade has many blades inside the razor body for performing different shaving functions.  Therefore, there is a high chance of having ingrown hair and nicks and cuts.

One can see that shaving is not just a process to keep oneself groomed. It is a skill that has to be mastered over time.

One might not get the complete nuances of shaving at the first instance itself; one needs to practice.

There are several video tutorials available online, seeing which the men can learn. One can also learn by closely observing how others shave.

Using the wrong methods to shave might lead to scars that would turn into bumps that stay on for a very long time. This would result in very deep scars.

Common steps to be followed before using either single blade razor or multiple blade razor 

These are some of the basic steps to be followed before using either the single blade razor or the multiple blade razor.

  • Clean and soften the brush bristles. 

You need to soak the brush in a cup of warm water. This helps to smoothen the bristles of the brush and make the brush clean of any impurities.

  • Face Clean Up 

The best time to shave is right after taking a shower. The steam of the shower would help remove all the dirt that has got clogged inside the pores.

The skin of the face is also known to secrete a sticky substance called sebum that might hinder shaving.

If a person wants to shave, not right after a shower, one can soak a towel in warm water, keep it on one’s face for about 20 minutes, and then start to shave.

  • Use a pre-shave lotion. 

Using a pre-shave lotion is very much pertinent to protect one’s skin from irritation. It is always best to choose a pre-shave lotion that doesn’t contain alcohol.

If it contains alcohol, then it would cause a burning sensation to your skin. This pre-shave lotion would smoothen your facial hair and should also note which direction the hair grows after applying the pre-shave lotion.

  • Applying shaving cream 

It is advised only to take a pea-sized cream on your hand. After removing the water from the brush, you can rotate the brush on the cream in a circular motion to create foam and then start applying it all over the face. You should make sure not to leave any space with hair untouched.

Shaving tips for both single blade and multiple blade razors 

A person’s face is not perfectly round in shape. There are many edges and curves. As one has to be gentle while shaving, one also needs to apply the required amount of pressure to get a neat shaven look. Any razor should have a pivoted head that moves across the face very smoothly.

  • Different directions for different parts of the face 

One has to go from North to South while shaving the cheeks.

South to North while shaving near the neck.

If the person suffers from the problem of ingrown hairs, then one must shave in the direction hair grows to prevent that problem.

  • Drip off the water on the razor 

One should not leave any water on the razor while rinsing it after one stroke. When one keeps the razorback again on the face, then the water might remove off the cream on the face.

  • Reduce the length of stroke 

The length of stroke should get reduced as you go on shaving. One should not maintain the same length of stroke until the very end.

There is no certain number of strokes within which one should finish a shave. Some finish shaving with 10 strokes itself as they do not have much facial hair.

The more hair and deeper ingrown hair would require expertise and more strokes.

  • Use enough cream 

If the cream is not sufficient, then never hesitate to use some more cream on the face. If enough cream is not present, then it might create cuts on the face.

Common steps to be followed after using either single blade razor or multiple blade razor 

One should properly restore the skin after shaving. The shaving cream might create dryness on your face. These are some of the common steps to be followed after using either a single blade or multiple blade razors.

  • Coldwater for aftershave 

When you use warm water for the pre-shave process, it is required to use cold water for the after-shave process. This helps to close the open pores and cool down the skin in case it is hurt.

  • Use aftershave lotion

One must use the right aftershave lotion to rejuvenate the skin. The after-shave lotion should have the right essential oils. These kinds of oils will vary depending on each skin type. While purchasing, the skin type will be mentioned on the label of the bottle.

  • Use moisturizer 

Moisturizer is not as same as an aftershave lotion. One needs to use a moisturizer to keep one’s face from drying. Just washing the face with cold water alone doesn’t guarantee this. Right moisturization is necessary.

  • Keep changing blades often. 

One should not keep using the same blades for more than 10 shaves. For some, even the blade might get rusted or show some problems with 5 shaves itself. Changing blades often will play a major role in safety factor as well.

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